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Request List:

  • Cinematography

    • Submit miscellaneous footage from your Sony HDR-MV1
  • Music

    • Submit footage of yourself and/or others performing an original song from your Sony HDR-MV1
    • Submit a REmix of a song with other HDR-MV1 users
  • Video Editing

    • Edit footage of Sony HDR-MV1 contributed to the collaboration
31 Contributions
Joerud-1801275 joerud Released May 21, 2014

This collaboration is focused on RECords and edits that emerge from the generously given Sony HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorders. Contributions could include initial soundchecks, testimonials, full songs, virtually anything. It will hopefully be a good place to look for RECords to add to with this recently established splitscreen sort of layout started by JerzyJung in her REmix of andyramone's guitar part of her original song, 'Anthony'. I really enjoyed putting in my own harmonies to the mix, and it…

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joerud May 28, 2013
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joerud Feb 22, 2012