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by joerud

So every now and then I have a lucid dream, and most of the time it's pretty leisurely, no real motives, but this time I wanted to do something worthwhile, so I wrote a song in my sleep. When I woke up, I was sure that it was already a song, because it was so unfathomably vivid in my brain, so as soon as I woke up, I wrote down the sounds I'd used during the dream, and all the lyrics, and went straight to recording it. What I've come up with isn't exactly what I heard in my dream, but the feel is still there. I'm just excited to make more music in my dreams.

This is really nothing to do with the TV show, but I haven't uploaded anything in a month, and I felt inexplicably guilty.



I can't catch a break these days,

Will I ever feel myself around "ya",

What if I behave myself,

Can I get a moment just to wander,


What if I don't sleep well,

Do I ever know you'll really pull me through,

No, we can go another day,

Got myself together now I see you.


theboxsets freestyling in the Frome House of Awesomeness. In his element, of course. Just some simple beats I placed in the moment.


by joerud
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TWINS: We want as many twins as possible to answer THESE QUESTIONS. This collaboration will need a host and some identical twins. To host the game, follow these steps:

1) Provide each twin with a stack of printer paper and a large pen/marker.

2) Sit each twin next to each other so that they’re in the same shot.

3) Sit behind the camera as the host to ask the questions provided below.

4) There are three rounds. For each question, have each twin hold up their answers at the same time in front of the camera. Please have them write their answers as largely and visibly as possible - we’d like to see them on camera. The questions in round 3 apply to both twins at the same time.


NOTE: Please refer to THESE QUESTIONS when contributing to this collab. Also, please make sure contribute your Text RECord of Answers separately.

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(TheShuttersmith for photography/editing! and tolerating GIMP)


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kayVSworld, a rather new, rather talented writer, illustrator and musician on the site, released this simple song from a very strong text by the also new rachelbeth. Despite Kay's insistence that she isn't much of a singer, I was so damn soothed by her voice and wanted to have a go at accompanying her.

So I added a bit of guitar, a bit of Appalachian Dulcimer, a bit of strings, a bit of piano and a bit of vocals to the mix.

Go look at more of kayVSworld's stuff HERE


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Clean vox and appalachian dulcimer for anyone interested.

by joerud
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4 bvs, appalachian dulcimer, piano

by joerud
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Here's what I came up with today, tdolan.

It might get a bit too low for a mother to sing, but it's an idea.

90bpm - 3/4


Make a bed in my arms, love, Right where I keep my heart, Rest your head and be warm, love, Never wish to part,

The day's been full of adventure, Ne'er a cloud to be seen, But now, my sweet little treasure, All is so serene,

Leaves, they fall in the autumn, Blossom, in the spring, Fall like the leaves and the blossom, See what your dreams will bring,

Shoo away all the worry, Hush all the doubt you keep, All of the haste and the hurry, Leave you in your sleep,

Make a bed in my arms, love, Right where i keep my heart, Rest your head and be warm, love, Never wish to part, Never wish to part.

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by joerud
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I want to introduce you to my two younger brothers, Callum and Jake. They are TWINS (the Ruddletwins to be exact).

They kindly agreed to have a game of Newlyweds, to see how many things they agree on as twins.

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What on earth was that??!?!


I will retry this when I'm not childishly overexcited while playing.


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The score for CaptClare's extremely endearing itty viddy about her Mumsy.

The music just poured right out of me when watching such a fantastic video (though it's also somewhat inspired by Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr Fox!)

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