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This is a repeat, so I'm not ahead of the game in hearts. Here it is:

I'd like to represent. Here are just a few topics I'd be interested in hearing more about from our friends in HQ:

1. The relationship between hitRECord and 'HitRECord on TV': How can we best manage and prioritise non-TV show productions during and between development of the show? What is hitRECord compromising as a result of the focus placed on 'HitRECord on TV'?

2. HitRECord as a music record label/publishing company: We may have the opportunity to release music from members of hitRECord on our own terms, with internal agreements and a franchise to stand behind. Establishing this would be a chance to increase the creative material being represented by the community.

3. HitRECord on Tour: Visiting cities across the US [and Canada - apologies for the bad oversight] and hopefully Europe, to promote hitRECord's ideology of widespread collaborative creativity. The tour may consist of (but not be limited to) speaking/workshop events in universities and community buildings, live performances and on-the-move creative projects.

4. Who is our director?: We all know that Joe is a busy man, and we don't hear enough from him, whether it be guidance or recognition. I can actively see more and more communication existing between the staff and the community in the past month or two. However, without a communication with Joe, the community lacks a positive leadership necessary from a director. To know the director better is to know the purpose and direction of the company better. More mutual understanding is the aim of the...

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Through the spiralling highways and runnels of fate,

One house on the hill exceeds all,

Death is the house with the largest estate,

And from Life, simply over the wall,

Many letters...

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joerud Mar 31, 2015

you wrote your letter like a tattoo

into my chest,

the pain far less fulfilling

and not one swell of hope appeared

from the burning page.

your silence would have

still sufficed, and


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Must I leave

My knees weak?

Must I fall

For you again?

joerud Mar 21, 2015
joerud Mar 19, 2015

I stop to read the pieces of your life,

studying each and every word

as if I'll find something more of me

than the loss I gave to you.