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Christmas in Alaska
joerud Released Nov 25, 2014

The first of a series of Christmas songs I'll be writing this year...

I've always wanted to visit Alaska. Perhaps Christmas time may not be the most ideal of times, but it makes for a half-decent song.

1 month!


I'm going north for Christmas,

Right on through the states,

Until I see Alaska,

I'll circumnagivate,

I'm flying to Nenana,

It's covered all in white,

Along a frozen river,

I'll see the northern lights,

[V1 again]

It'll be a lonely journey,

Led only by a star,

And seven trusty huskies,

I've never gone this far before,

Not nearly quite this far,

I'm cutting all the hedges,

I'm ploughing through the snow,

Im crossing all the bridges,

I'm going north for Christmas,

This time, I'll surely go,

We're going north for Christmas,

We've set our time and date,

So, until we see Nome, Alaska,

We'll huddle up and wait.


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joerud Nov 06, 2014
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