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Michael had maladies galore: soreness in his eyes, fuzzy tongue, and a heighten sense of smell (which had no benefits when living next to a landfill), among other things.

Written about in textbooks and examined under microscopes, Michael hated the misplaced adoration from others- like he was something to study and while a great deal had been learned from his maladies, Michael was unhappy.

So, against his doctors' wishes and their protests, he set sail for shores unknown - dying with the sunset on his back as the maladies finally caught up with him - realizing that "living" and living were two different things. 

Writer by nature, but I like doing graphic design stuff. Challenge away!


Helix: No, like, I’m totally serious.


Rion: But why would anyone do that?


Helix: Because it was the only way people could record their deepest secrets -


Rion: So it’s, what? A...

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They were boys just a few years older than us.

Out of high school, still in college - still prone to doing stupid things - 

like leaping over the fire pit. 

The fire wasn't as fierce...

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