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The Time Travel Mart in Mar Vista is something really unique to this area. It’s nestled between a fast food Chinese place and an office. And when people usually walk by, they stop in their tracks for a moment and walk up and look through the doors. There are just so many hidden gems and little jokes in the store like our dinosaur eggs or our bottled Last Words. I could probably spend an entire day here just in the Time Travel Mart, looking at everything because there’s just so much. But what makes the Time Travel Mart even more unique is the tutoring center in the back. I first found out about 826LA through a friend in 2012  when it was on the second floor of the SPARCs building in Venice. 826LA is a non-profit writing and tutoring center started by Dave Eggers, that services 6 to 18-year-olds in this area of West LA and what’s best about our programs at the center is that they’re all completely free. I believe in 2012, it moved to its current location in Mar Vista with the addition of the Time Travel Mart as a store front. I love watching people’s faces when I describe what we do here at the Time Travel Mart and how it serves so many students in the area. All of our volunteers, some of whom are writers or work in movies and television. We even have a few scientists who volunteer their time here at 826LA helping kids with math and science homework. When I tell people what we do here, they immediately want to get involved. The Time Travel Mart and 826LA reflect so much what the kind of people who live in this area are like. We got so many locals who come in and volunteer. Some of them and even some of our students live only blocks away.

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I remember the first time I held you.


It was Christmas. I was ten. All the other kids at the fancy private school I went to had one except for me. I unwrapped you and there you...

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Olly: Sylvia? You know, when I was told to meet you in front of the “White Rose,” I was expecting it to look like a white rose, not a...what is that? Cubism?


Sylvia: Actually, it’s...

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In all my years - in all the bars, the cafes, the bookstores and museums. All the online dating sites I joined and completely failed at. All the wishing and hoping that for once...

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Michael had maladies galore: soreness in his eyes, fuzzy tongue, and a heighten sense of smell (which had no benefits when living next to a landfill), among other things.


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Writer by nature, but I like doing graphic design stuff. Challenge away!


Helix: No, like, I’m totally serious.


Rion: But why would anyone do that?


Helix: Because it was the only way people could record their deepest secrets -


Rion: So it’s, what? A...

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