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Anti-Skipped (WWC #19)
joellen Released Feb 22, 2015

I remember the first time I held you.


It was Christmas. I was ten. All the other kids at the fancy private school I went to had one except for me. I unwrapped you and there you were, held so delicately in my hands like you were some new born baby. Plastic shell packaging and all. A purple Eletronimax Personal CD Player with 60-Second Anti-Skip Protection.


I couldn’t believe my eyes. My parents even added NSync’s first CD in there (Santa’s name was signed in the card but I knew better). It was probably the best Christmas ever.


I took you everywhere from me. You saved me from the ennui of everyday life.


Now I had music - a soundtrack to the mundane tasks piled upon me by school and my family.


We had a good couple of years together. I couldn’t fit you in my pocket but that was okay. I didn’t mind carrying you around. You were my everything. You were there when I let Oliver McTavish, with his auburn hair and soft brown eyes, listen to this pop punk band I loved. You were there when I first held hands with him.


You were also there when my parents got me an iPod for my twelfth birthday. And you were still there in my desk when I took my iPod out with me the weeks and months after I received it, how it fit perfectly in my pocket like you never had.

But you were my first. My one and only. There will be no one like you. There hasn’t been anyone like you. Thank you for everything.

Olly: Sylvia? You know, when I was told to meet you in front of the “White Rose,” I was expecting it to look like a white rose, not a...what is that? Cubism?


Sylvia: Actually, it’s...

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In all my years - in all the bars, the cafes, the bookstores and museums. All the online dating sites I joined and completely failed at. All the wishing and hoping that for once...

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Michael had maladies galore: soreness in his eyes, fuzzy tongue, and a heighten sense of smell (which had no benefits when living next to a landfill), among other things.


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Writer by nature, but I like doing graphic design stuff. Challenge away!


Helix: No, like, I’m totally serious.


Rion: But why would anyone do that?


Helix: Because it was the only way people could record their deepest secrets -


Rion: So it’s, what? A...

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They were boys just a few years older than us.

Out of high school, still in college - still prone to doing stupid things - 

like leaping over the fire pit. 

The fire wasn't as fierce...

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