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Helix: No, like, I’m totally serious.


Rion: But why would anyone do that?


Helix: Because it was the only way people could record their deepest secrets -


Rion: So it’s, what? A book? With blank pages?


Helix: Yeah -


Rion: With a lock?


Helix: Yeah!


Rion: But the book and lock were made out of like titanium or something, right? It had to be

indestructible -


Helix: Uh -


Rion: Are you telling me that people would write their secrets in a book that anyone could break open?


Helix: They didn’t have password protected memory chips back then -


Rion: Yeah, but why would anyone write in a book that another person could just pick up, break the lock and read what’s inside -


Helix: No, but that’s not the point -


Rion: So the point is having someone read all your secrets?


Helix: No! Well, I mean - obviously these people took measures to hide their diaries -


Rion: And what the hell kind of name is “diary” anyway? Kind of sounds like die...and airy -


Helix: You’re not listening! Back then, people wrote their secrets down in a diary because it was suppose to be...I don’t know, euphoric and shit. Like it was a way of lifting the weight off your shoulders. So by writing your secrets and innermost thoughts in a locked book people weren’t holding it all in.


Rion: That’s some screwed up shit right there.

Helix: Yeah, well, like I said, they didn’t have chips to upload to.

They were boys just a few years older than us.

Out of high school, still in college - still prone to doing stupid things - 

like leaping over the fire pit. 

The fire wasn't as fierce...

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