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The Frozen Duck Caper – Revised October 26, 2013 Posted on October 23, 2013 by lynamstories101

We lived in a small town known as Agassiz (Ag a see) in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. When I was a kid in the 70’s it used to get pretty cold in the winter as far as I was concerned anyway. The kind of cold where long johns, mittens and full-faced toques were barely enough to keep you warm.

Of course you could never talk weather with the old folks in town this was taboo. “Why you should have seen the flood of 48” They talked about this flood like it was biblical and the Arc made its way into town. Now when the old folks talked about the winter weather well forget about it, we had it easy.

On one of these occasions when it got really cold brother Doug and I went out looking for ice to skate on. We spent a lot of time outside when we were kids and although I do remember getting cold all the time cause I was so skinny you couldn’t keep us in the house.

Man if we could find a nice pond that had frozen over in the cold it was time to put on your skates and play hockey or just skate. It was fun and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

Along with the cold arctic fronts that would come in you would sometimes also get these brutally cold winds that would freeze the water in the fields faster but the breeze moved the water and made the ice impossible to skate on. The problem with water freezing when you had a strong wind was that you had much less area to skate on and the ice was not smooth as glass but rippled and bumpy. Skating on a pond that was rippled and bumpy was unbearable.

We had a cold...

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We used to get cold winters in Agassiz to my way of thinking not from the perspective of some of the old timers in Agassiz who remembered the 48 flood like it was the water that...

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The stars had fallen from the sky onto the beach so they could crawl into the sea.


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I was born in December 1963 on the 21st if you want to send me a present :)  I was the youngest of 7 kids at the time of my birth, that would change a couple of years...

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