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Hello my lovelies.

This RECord is to let y'all know I'm going to be taking a short hiatus from the site.  I really need to take a step back from spending time online and focus on some RL things so I'm planning on taking the next two months or so off from HitRECord.  I'll miss y'all and I'm sad to not work on some of the collabs we've got going on, because they're very awesome, but be good and creative and make lots of cool stuff for me to REmix when I get back.

<3 Jesterlady

Short hiatus
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The months slip away from you. You don’t want to let them go. Sometimes you want to hold onto them so tightly they’ll break in your hand and be left stranded. Other times you wish they’d run so fast that it’s years later in an instant. Sometimes it feels later and sometimes it’s yesterday. The hustle and bustle of the first is now over. All the arrangements and the condolences and the music and the pictures and the relatives and the paperwork and the money is done. Now it’s just quiet and empty and not the same as it used to be....

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Why must I always be asleep

For anyone to see the best of me?


Great text by andrewhip and these last two lines are so beautiful and I think make a great tiny story. Or tiny question. :)

Jesterlady: Hi sweetie, how it's going?

XDEADGUYX: Good, you?

Jesterlady: I'm great. It's so nice to talk to you. I know I was only up there last weekend, but it feels like forever ago.



Jesterlady: Are you busy? Cause I can talk to you later if that's the case.

XDEADGUYX: Told my mom I'd help her with some stuff.

Jesterlady: See, that's why I love you. You're such a sweet guy.

XDEADGUYX: You really shouldn't say that.

Jesterlady: Why not? Can't I think I have an amazing boyfriend? :)

XDEADGUYX: I want to break up.


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Yesterday I got a speeding ticket.

There are many ways I could have avoided getting that ticket.

1. Not sped. *duh*

2. Actually gone to church that morning instead of watching it online

3. Not spent 10 minutes re-syncing my Ipod before I left and left on time

4. Gone to the Quiznos in Sammamish instead of waiting to go to the Quiznos on Redmond Ridge

5. Lied and cried and made up a pathetic excuse about why I was going so fast

Let's just say I have gone over and over again the little things that would have prevented this.

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