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Hello everyone! This is my last record/doodle as Jenyffer Maria. If you've been keeping tabs on me I announced a few months ago I would be bringing Jenyffer Maria to an end. For someone like me that has a rough time with social stuff, hitrecord was surely heaven sent. I've never been great with words and prefer to visualize what I feel and see. When I first entered what was then a simple forum I was immediately drawn in by the people that felt the same as me. Being able to make art and collaborate with people world-wide and make the friendships that I did -- I will never forget it and will forever treasure those times.

My relationship with hitrecord turned sour a few years ago and around then is also when I began to feel trapped and completely blocked. As someone that tends to discard anything that brings me negativity I just couldn't do that with Jenyffer Maria but as time went by it became inevitable. Since reaching this resolve I finally feel free and have been back artistically.

I want to thank every single person that took the time to look at my doodles, as they are a form of conversation from me. Seeing them get remixed always made me extremely happy. All the beautiful people I got to work with and met on here (some I even came to regard to as family!) Thank you! Honestly for someone like me... I never would have ever thought that I would one day be able to share my stuff on an international level, I still get overwhelmed by the thought. I actually drew up Jenyffer Maria's last doodle 2 weeks ago but I couldn't just walk away without first doodling up this pair (I don't know it also seems sort of fitting that these two would be the last.). Again, thank you. Thank you for the inspiration, motivation, and confidence you all gave me. I've already trashed all the negativity and I'll be holding on to the positive. I could never stop hitting that record button, I will keep doodling -- come find me! Much much much much much love, Jen x

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