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A Song for Evelyn
jeffikonian Released Apr 28, 2012

A song about love, and a lament, and a song about being redeemed from sorrow.

I heard the lone wolf cry.

I heard her call my name.

She came down from the mountain by and by

seeking her heart's desire.                          

Love is a bird on the wing.

Love is a rising flame.

Love is the lone wolf watching over me,

watching me awakening.

Sometimes we'd go and dance.

Sometimes she'd watch me sing.

Sometimes we'd lie talking endlessly,

Talking like birds on the wing.

I learned to take a chance.

My life as it should be.

She learned that my love wouldn't hold her down;

My love would set her free.

Some fates are meant to be.

People don't have to go.

So I wonder why she was

taken away from me.

Now I am set free.

And this is how I will go.

With shadows and heartache following after me

wherever cold winds blow.

I can't say why

and I don't know

why I shouldn't go

and lay down and die.

My broken heart

surrendered to  sorrow.

But then she would die,

and truly so.

And that is why I

won't let her go.

I will go on

to live as she

taught me to.

My life as it should be.

jeffikonian Apr 28, 2012

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