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Sundance hitREConaissance
jared Released Dec 15, 2011
Our lovely screening venue at Sundance — Eccles Theater! :D
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I posted this last week on other networks, before deciding I would be cool publishing on hitRECord.  Here 'tis:

I think it’d be fair to say my Dad and I were pretty active in the Cub Scouts.  From the age of around eight to eleven, I remember camping, pine-wood derbies, silly relay-races, marshmallows, sing-a-longs, awards banquets, arts + crafts, road-trips — really, really wonderful times I got to share with my Dad, a wonderful man who passed away a couple weeks before my twelfth birthday.

During the dark times of ‘Desert Storm,’ my Dad was called away from home.  He was was in the US Navy Reserves and as a Cub Scout, I knew all about honoring God and Country. I tried to be brave, however, my Dad — my go-to Scout-partner — was no longer there to buddy up for relay-races, camping and the pine-wood derby.  Training-wheels indeed for a much harsher reality — but, that’s another story…

At the time, my Mom was very-much game to fill-in.  And, there was (somewhat of) a place for women at the Cub Scouts.  Women could be Den Mothers, social-planners or sort-of cheer leaders at scouting events.  However, the Scouts put a premium on Dads.  They seemed to get all the fun and hands-on opportunities.  Even as a kid, it didn’t seem to me that all things were equal.  

Some time during the year my Father was away on Naval leave, there was a new kind of competition introduced:  The Father-Son baking/cake decorating event.  This would be the very first competition of its kind at the Scouts — and, it had my name written all over it.  I knew cake decorating was definitely something I could excel...

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Flickering Tokyo
jared Released Dec 13, 2012

The Budokan, Tokyo

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