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The ZIP record with the different frames I drew:


I've been taking a Mandarin Class for 8 months so I made a dumb video of me demonstrating it.  I'm not very good yet. Also, the effects on this video are unintentionally awful. Ok. Oh. I guess this is my 100Th record


I exported this in HD but it still looks so bad. Any tips bbs?

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CALLING ALL ARTISTS! Now that we've started production on Season 2 of HITRECORD ON TV, we're gonna start collaborations for 16 Themes over the next few weeks. We'll all be contributing RECords to these collaborations & then we'll narrow the 16 down to 8, which will be the 8 Themes for our next 8 episodes of TV. Our first collaboration is RE: The Dark - RECord your thoughts, write a story, draw a picture, or make a song regarding this theme.



EVERYONE: Contribute a Text Record with your Ideas for segments for this potential TV Episode.

EVERYONE W/ A CAMERA: RECord a testimonial regarding this theme.

Q&A: RECord yourself on video answering these questions:

  • "What makes you afraid of the dark?"

  • "How do you pull yourself out of a dark time in your life?"

WRITERS: Contribute a piece of Writing regarding this theme. You could check out THE "SHADOW BEINGS" COLLAB & write a story based on these characters & their world.

MUSICIANS: Contribute a piece of Music regarding this theme.

ANIMATORS: Contribute an Animation regarding this theme.

ILLUSTRATORS: Contribute an Illustration regarding this theme.

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Contribute some Graphic Design regarding this theme.


Thanks again <3


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My camera isn't that great but I made a timelapse video of the blood moon the other night. 

Enjoy and happy remixing.



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CALLING ALL MUSICIANS & AUDIO CURATORS! We’re going to be making a Music Video for the song “You Got All You Need” - come & play along with the song in the great outdoors! To support this collaboration, we’re really excited to announce that SONY is going to be sending out FIFTY new Music Video Recorders (SONY HDR-MV1) to some of the more prominent and established musicians in our community!



MUSICIANS: Play along to THIS SONG & RECord video yourself in Nature performing your part. You can download THIS ZIP containing all of the material you'll need to contribute.

AUDIO CURATORS: We're really excited to announce that SONY will be sending out FIFTY new Music Video Recorders (SONY HDR-MV1) to some of the more prominent and established musicians in our community. Anyone in the community can make an Album of the Audio RECords on the site that they're inspired by and contribute it the collab. The curation process will be the same as the SONY RX100ii campaign in 2013. Please contribute Albums no later than TUESDAY, April 22nd at 12pm PST.



  • Please shoot all of your video footage at 24fps.

  • Frame your shots so the outdoor environment around you can clearly be seen.

  • We want to use the audio from your camera, so please don't film on a windy day or in a windy area.

  • Anyone can contribute to this collaboration. You do not need to be the recipient of a SONY HDR-MV1 to get involved with this project.



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I thought it might be cool to imagine the songs from Hitrecord Season 1 as 45 singles. The first one that came to mind was The Money Tree so here's a little mock up I did for remixing. I'll try and do a few more.

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Trying to capture my memory with my long lost love.

Great poem by mixedtapes, voice over by TheLastDomino, and music by Madrond101, you guys are really awesome!!

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An outstretched hand

You can touch it

You can read its palm

you can shake it

you can high-five it

you can pull it to save somebody life

you can hear what it has to say... 


(I'm trying to go back to the basics - looking, studying and drawing

When in doubt... go back to the basics :))



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CALLING ALL WRITERS & TEXT CURATORS! The visual world of our "Swimming" collaboration is developing along extremely well & the next step is finding a complete Story - contribute your writing & text curation so we can make a Short Film together.



WRITERS: Finish the story that's been started with THIS ANIMATIC. Please refer to this THIS STORY TREATMENT for additional inspiration for where your story could go. You could break your story down into scenes, or upload a text record with a list of bullet points for your story.

TEXT CURATORS: Make an Album of your favorite story contributions, or remix others' text records into your own story.



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Shiro was a strong, young fisherman who desired a wife but knew no one in his prefecture who would have him. “I am so lonely. I would do anything to be married. I do not care if she is old and ugly.” The yurei (ghost) of a young woman passed by his house when she overheard him lamenting. Delighted by his wish, the spirit transformed herself into a middle-aged woman and knocked on his door.

“Please sir, if you have a heart, I am but a poor traveler and have not eaten in days.” The fisherman was quite sure his prayers had been answered and quickly invited the woman in. That day she ate rice and sashimi to her heart’s content. “Kindly sir, I am very weary from walking without rest. If you allow me to sleep on your floor I would be most grateful. I will not disturb you.” He brought her a tatami. Thanking him she lay down comfortably on her mat. “I will stay as long as you promise that you will never watch me sleep.” Shiro thought it a strange request but agreed nevertheless. He laid down on his futon and shut his eyes and slept. The next day the woman had prepared the fisherman’s breakfast and dinner and began mending his clothes. The second morning she cleaned his entire house from corner to corner. On the third day she dug a vegetable garden. The fisherman was finally satisfied with his life. Yet after the third night Shiro was struck with such curiosity he got up to look at his companion while she slept.

By the light of the fire he saw a beautiful young woman with long raven hair. He was overwhelmed with love for her. He reached out to stroke her soft ivory cheeks. Suddenly the woman awoke, crying out and vanished into thin air leaving Shiro alone once again.



(I just make stuff up. I was inspired by SAM-urai's origami and Japanese ghost stories in general. :) )

by Murker
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CALLING ALL GRAPHIC DESIGNERS! Our FIRST DRAFT of the HITRECORD ON TV Season 1 Box Set is due April 21st, and we need more Page Layouts from the community. Contribute your Visuals for this collection ASAP!



GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Create more Page Design Layouts for each episode's book using THESE TEMPLATES. Your Layouts can be based on pieces that aired on the TV show, or they can be theme-related. Please refer to THESE EXAMPLES that've been designed by the community so far.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please contribute your Page Layouts ASAP as our FIRST DRAFT is due Monday, April 21st.



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Contribution for the "Science Fiction" Collab

Used footage from Experiments in the Revival of Organisms (Available at:

and from The Ape (Available at:

Both are in the public domain. 

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