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The last time I received one of these, I made a video that also contained some advice for new people and those who might not yet have received a cheque. I wanted to reiterate some of that advice, and add in a few new bits.

I'm not someone who has ever had a big part in any prominent pieces, yet there hasn't been a cheque cycle come around since I joined the site where I didn't get one. My five year anniversary is this coming March. 

I'm not especially talented. I am an okay shooter, but I don't have a good camera. I consider myself a writer, but most of what I write doesn't suit projects here. My illustrations are not hugely versatile, though I've been lucky that my style sometimes meshes with projects. I've never been a 'lead' on any project, nor have I ever been asked directly to contribute to a collaboration. So how have I managed to receive a cheque every cycle?


The beauty of this site is that you have a whole huge, loving, supportive, wickedly talented community who can pool their gifts to create art. But that art, in our collaborative model, needs a spark. It needs someone to put things together that communicates a feeling, a sense, a concept. It's also about stories. Fictional stories, personal stories, retold fairytales, snippets of history. The spark could be you. It's been me a few times, and for that I'm deeply grateful. I've also been sparked by someone and continued the chain reaction that leads to records I'm very proud to have been part of. The biggest one of these was my 'visual sound' record. That was a random idea that I had because I love waveforms. Thanks to some remixes, Marke saw it, and it became the inspiration for the TV show's logo. How amazing is that?

Do you know what else is interesting? I was looking over my contribution lists that accompanied my cheque. Easily 70% of the records that ended up getting used were not records that I made specifically for any collaboration. A lot of it was a piece of stock footage, an illustration I did for fun, a texture, a doodle. None of these were polished, none were complete, but they were useful. 

So. The moral of the story is, don't let your ideas hide. If you have bits and pieces, if you have scraps and textures and random bits of interesting footage, share it! This site is not and will probably never be about sharing your finished work. It's about contributing your piece of the puzzle, or your square of the quilt. 

They say artists are solitary - that we live inside our heads. Well, that's true in most cases. But HitRECord is a place where we come together. I make art with you all that is a million times better than what I could ever do on my own. 

Keep on creating. Keep on sharing! Keep on supporting each other. The best is yet to come. I can feel it. 

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