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PERSON #1 is in the middle of taking a selfie.  S/he looks at his/her MIRROR IMAGE on the phone.  Then the PHONE rings.  S/he answers the call, and begrudgingly begins speaking to PERSON #2.

1: Hey, did you get my text?

2: Yes.

1: ...Okay, so--

2: I thought we should talk anyway.

1: Really, why?

2: Because I wanted to talk to you.

1: Well, that's not exactly a reason.

A drunk HOBO wearing smudged clown makeup wanders by.  Person #1 watches, momentarily DISTRACTED from the conversation.

2: Fine because I wanted to speak out loud and know that you're hearing my voice when I say that you are a terrible person.

1: (PAUSE) Uh huh.

2: Did you hear what I said?

1: No, sorry you cut out.

2: Jesus Christ.

1: What, I'm sorry, you cut out, what do--

2: Why is it that your phone is always cutting out at the exact moment when I say something you don't want to hear?

1: Okay fine, you know what, my phone didn't cut out. I didn't hear what you said because a weird clown looking guy wandered by right when you were talking, and I got distracted. Okay?

2: Are you serious?

1: Yes, now what did you say?

2: I said you're a terrible fucking person!

1: (SIGHS) Okay. I'm sorry. Anything else?

2: You're not sorry.

1: Yes I am, I'm sorry that you feel the way you do. That is sorrowful to me.

2: That's not being sorry.

1: Let me ask you something. Why did you really call? What do you want from me?

The HOBO has wandered back into frame, UNNOTICED by Person #1, but getting closer throughout the following lines.

2: I want you to say you're sorry.

1: Right, and I already did that.

2: No, I want you to mean it.

1: No, what you want is...

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silvina 23 hours ago
evolv Jan 14, 2015

WEEK 5's CHALLENGE: In 4 panels or less - create a comic based on a non-human character(s).

Who wants to illustrate my script?  Or write your own?  CONTRIBUTE HERE.


In the...

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Lydia without curse words

is like

summer without sunshine.