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Many of you know we’ve taken a different approach towards our live shoots for season two of HITRECORD ON TV.  Last year we staged some live venue shoots where the audiences — sometimes 200 / sometimes 2,000 — were invited to record and participate in the proceedings.  This year, we produced a handful of location shoots and put out calls to the community to participate in a more immersive way.  This year was the first time we were able to make calls out to a wide range of talent — vocalists, musicians, dancers, make up artists, costumers, photographers and more — to be a part of our live shoots.  And, while HITRECORD is built on the notion that everyone can be a part of the process regardless of location, it’s a powerful thing having artists participate together in the same place at the same time.  Now, I personally love how we do our venue shoots and get audiences to participate — and we will do more of that in the future, for sure.  However, it’s been a really a beautiful thing to engage our community in more focused and more participatory requests — in shoots like VEIL OF NIGHT and WHAT THEY SAY.  I think (hope) our community enjoyed being more involved in the production process — and, I think we’re all going to enjoy the finished result.


Now, as with any time our creative approach evolves, it’s important for us as a company to ensure that our policies remain consistent to our values of fairness.  Last year, for our venue shoots, if your participation on-stage, on-mic or footage you shot appeared in the TV...

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For some reason at about 2a I was laying awake and thought up this idea:

What if there was a recurring 30second segment in the show called "WHAT ARE THE ODDS?"  Basically it just...

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Not sure where in my dark and perverse mind this came from, but:

I was thinking it could be fun (and funny) to develop a character so insecure with his manhood and masculinity that...

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Hi everyone,

Recently I started the "RE: Season 2 Production" collaboration for the community to contribute ideas on how we can improve site features, production methodology and...

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jared Apr 11, 2014

Mr. Seinfeld can't be the only one able to make a show about nothing...

  • Nothing is a word defined as the absence of anything. But can nothing actually be something?

  • What do we mean...
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Ladies and Gents:

Just a quick heads-up: for various reasons — including a lot of the good feedback we received from the RE: SEASON 2 Production Collaboration — we're going to be...

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Hello all — I’ve been following the conversation going on over at missamerica’s record RE: EDITING and wanted to address some of the issue’s raised by her and the community...

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Friends and collaborators,

I've been following the text records and comments re: Season 1 production for the last few days.  And so, I've written some (many) words to join the...

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