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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have some news:

Pivot’s Emmy® Award Winning Variety Series ‘Hit Record On TV with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’ Premieres June 12 at 10PM

Participant Media and its television network, Pivot, today announced the return date of “Hit Record On TV with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.” The second season of the Emmy® Award winning show will premiere on Pivot, Friday June 12 at 10:00pm ET.

The second season will again see Joseph Gordon-Levitt and HitRECord’s global community of artists put a fresh spin on the traditional variety show format. Each weekly episode addresses a theme, around which thousands of writers, musicians, illustrators and animators from all over the world collaborate to create short films, songs, music videos, animation and more. Episode themes for the second season include Secrets, The Number Two, Your Mom, The Dark, Fire, and The Future.

“With thousands of contributors working together to create each episode, the first season of ’Hit Record on TV’ turned the variety series on its head,” said Belisa Balaban, executive vice president of Pivot’s Original Programming. “We’re thrilled to share season two with our audience.”

“Season one of Hit Record On TV was one of the most exciting and rewarding creative experiences of my life,” said Gordon-Levitt. “Collaborating with such a diverse range of artists around the world not only provides for a show with a multitude of perspectives, it also results in a show that’s incredibly entertaining. I can’t wait for people to see what we have in store for season two!”

Inspired by the series, Pivot and Henry Jenkins’ Media...

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just a quick note:  i know we posted a photo of our most recent town hall shoot — but, we're re-recording it.  apologies for the delay.  the questions in matt's recent town hall...

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Many of you know we’ve taken a different approach towards our live shoots for season two of HITRECORD ON TV.  Last...

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For some reason at about 2a I was laying awake and thought up this idea:

What if there was a recurring 30second segment in the show called "WHAT ARE THE ODDS?"  Basically it just...

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Not sure where in my dark and perverse mind this came from, but:

I was thinking it could be fun (and funny) to develop a character so insecure with his manhood and masculinity that...

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Hi everyone,

Recently I started the "RE: Season 2 Production" collaboration for the community to contribute ideas on how we can improve site features, production methodology and...

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jared Apr 11, 2014

Mr. Seinfeld can't be the only one able to make a show about nothing...

  • Nothing is a word defined as the absence of anything. But can nothing actually be something?

  • What do we mean...
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Ladies and Gents:

Just a quick heads-up: for various reasons — including a lot of the good feedback we received from the RE: SEASON 2 Production Collaboration — we're going to be...

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Hello all — I’ve been following the conversation going on over at missamerica’s record RE: EDITING and wanted to address some of the issue’s raised by her and the community...

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