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"How is that?"

I barely registered the question. The slight perking-up-of-my-mind happened because it was said in a buttery British baritone.

"Excuse me, how is that?"

I could hardly ignore it again. I peeled my eyes off the page and looked into his bright blue eyes. His blond hair ruffled slightly in the wind as he started at me expectantly, sandwich forgotten in his gloved hand. 

"How's what?"

"The book, of course." His voice shook slightly, as though suppressing emotion that he was too embarassed to share. A grin was forming on his face, and I matched it with mine as I understood. Before me stood one of mine. 

"Well, obviously it's amazing," I replied, gesturing with my head and holding the book aloft. He followed its progress in the air hungrily. "But it's not Harry Potter."

"What do you...

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jabberzscabberz Released Oct 02, 2012
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by jabberzscabberz Oct 06, 2012

It was so easy in the past to let someone go.

You made memories together, you drifted apart first emotionally and then the distance took its toll, and then that was it. No Facebook...

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The rain drummed its beat upon my window. People scurried with their umbrellas like a multitude of colourful little insects.

I opened the window and climbed onto the sill, catching...

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There was a giant who loved a beautiful princess.

She didn't love him back and married a handsome prince instead.

The giant cried until he drowned in his tears.

And his tears turned...

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Rapunzel liked to whip her hair back and forth.

One day, Prince Charming got sick of getting hit in the face so he cut off her hair

Then he felt bad so he donated all of it to Locks...

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Everyone takes her more seriously

When she wears red lipstick.

I saw you looking at me

in the rearview mirror.

Rapunzel had beautiful long hair, but shit got stuck in it all the time:

Autumn leaves, lipstick smudges, sesame seeds from her breakfast bagel.

If you look up from your laptop

You'll see me staring right at you, dear.

by jabberzscabberz Nov 18, 2012
He smiled
And my insides did a little victory dance.

I carry a mirror everywhere.

I'm the only person I can trust to watch my back.