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REBECCA, 20s, home from work, gets out of her car and walks to her door.  We like her.


REBECCA is about to head inside, but she notices an ENVELOPE leaned up against her door. The envelope is UNADDRESSED, but it's ornately decorated with cute romantic DRAWINGS.

She LOOKS AROUND.  Who put this here?  Mildly charmed, she unlocks her door and steps inside.


Rebecca OPENS THE LETTER and begins to read.

A sweet MALE VOICE reads the letter in voice-over, accompanied by romantic MUSIC.  Throughout the voice-over, we also INTERCUT to cute romantic ANIMATIONS of the drawings on the envelope.

MALE VOICE: My love, it was so great to see you yesterday.  Your smile lights up the spring.  Your eyes show me a future of happiness.  Your body makes me wish I was your clothes, so I could be wrapped around you all day.  Until next time, my thoughts will be only of you.

The voice-over sequence ends gently.

REBECCA is sheepishly amused.

She pulls out a pen and a pad of Post-Its from her purse.  She sticks a Post-It on the envelope and writes: "SORRY, WRONG APARTMENT".  Heads outside again...


She places the ENVELOPE with POST-IT back where she found it.  Then decides to move it a bit, so it's not right up against her door.

From inside, her PHONE RINGS.  She goes back inside.


She checks who's calling.  Then answers the phone.

REBECCA: Hi mom.

MOM: What's wrong?

REBECCA: Nothing.  What do you mean?

MOM: You sound upset.

REBECCA: No I don't.  

MOM (not believing her): Alright.

Rebecca SIGHS.

MOM: What?

REBECCA: Nothing.  How was your day?

MOM: Oh, you know, same old.  How was your day?  You're the one with the exciting new life.


MOM: What?  You are.

Rebecca SHAKES HER HEAD and SMILES to herself.  Then...

REBECCA: My day was great.

MOM: Did you meet anybody new?

REBECCA: Yeah actually, I met this awesome guy and I think he's gonna ask me to marry him.

MOM: What?  Oh.  Ha ha.

REBECCA: Well who do you think I'm gonna meet?  I hang out with nine-year-olds all day.

MOM: I don't know, aren't there other teachers?

REBECCA: I've met the other teachers.

MOM: All of them?


MOM: Every single one?

REBECCA: I don't know, probably.

MOM: Well--

REBECCA: Mom, don't you think I would tell you if I met someone?

MOM: You never tell me anything.

REBECCA: That's not true.

MOM: That is true.

REBECCA: Whatever.

MOM: Okay.



MOM: Nothing.


REBECCA, home from work another day, gets out of her car and walks to her door.


REBECCA notices earlier this time.  A BROWN PAPER BAG in front of her door.  Written on the bag in big bold marker, the words: "DON'T TELL".  Also, similarly to the envelope, the bag is ornately decorated with cute romantic DRAWINGS.

Now she's SCARED.  Scary MUSIC kicks in.  She moves to pick up the bag.

INTERCUT with ANIMATIONS of the drawings on the bag, but they're not cute anymore, now they're genuinely frightening.

INTERCUT with various brief moments shot from a STALKER'S POV of Rebecca alone in her apartment: eating, talking on the phone, in her pajamas, etc.

We hear SNIPPETS of the same sweet MALE VOICE reading the same LOVE LETTER from the previous scene.

She opens the bag and pulls out a BLUE DILDO.

The INTERCUTTING grows faster and more intense as she looks at the thing, upset.

She puts the DILDO back in the BAG.  And as she does so, The INTERCUTTING, MUSIC and VOICE-OVER all abruptly stop.

She LOOKS AROUND to make sure nobody saw.  Fumbles for her keys, and goes inside.



STARTLINGLY, Rebecca's phone RINGS.


Rebecca is STARTLED by the sound, but immediately relieved it's just the phone.

Time has passed since last we saw her.  She's been living with a stalker, and it's wearing on her.  The blinds on all the windows are closed.

She checks her phone as it rings.  Doesn't want to answer.  But then she PUTS ON A BRAVE FACE, and picks up.

REBECCA: Hi mom.

MOM: Are you okay?

REBECCA: Yeah I'm fine, what do you mean?

MOM: Well I've been calling--

REBECCA: Yeah sorry, I couldn't pick up before.  How's everything with you?  How's dad?

There's a NOISE from somewhere, probably outside.  Rebecca is STARTLED again, and this time remains scared.  But she maintains her casual conversational tone of voice.

MOM: He's fine.


MOM: Yeah, he seemed a little upset when he got home, but now he's watching his Blitzer.

Tense, Rebecca peers out the room's various WINDOWS, peeking around the closed blinds.  She doesn't see anything.

MOM: How was work today?

REBECCA: It was good.

MOM: Yeah?

REBECCA: Yeah, really good.

MOM: And how's the place, good?


MOM: Do you need anything?  I'm going to Target tomorrow.

REBECCA: No, I'm alright.

MOM: What are you doing?

REBECCA: What do you mean?

MOM: I don't know, it sounds like you're in the middle of something, or...

REBECCA: Nope.  Just talking to you, mom.

MOM: Alright.


REBECCA: Well, I guess I'll talk to you later.

MOM: What, you have to go?

REBECCA: Yeah, I wake up early now, remember?

MOM: Alright.  Talk to you soon.

REBECCA: Okay.  Mom?

MOM: Yeah?

REBECCA: Oh, I just, no I just remembered, never mind.

MOM: What?

REBECCA: No, nothing.

MOM: You sure you don't need anything?

REBECCA: Yeah.  I'm okay.

MOM: Okay, call me if you need something.

REBECCA: Alright bye mom.

MOM: Bye bye.

Rebecca HANGS UP.  Still disturbed by the noise from before, but what can she do?

She heads into her BEDROOM.


Rebecca, home from work, is TENSE today as she gets out of her car and walks to her door.


She half-expects to find something terrible at her door.  But there isn't anything.

She looks around, nervous.  Then quickly goes inside.


She ENTERS, puts down her things, still nervous.

She checks all around the place, making sure nobody's there.

She peers out all the WINDOWS, peeking around the closed blinds.

She goes into her BEDROOM.  Looks all around.

Checks in the CLOSET.  Nothing.

She's beginning to calm down as she heads back out into the living room.

And there's THE STALKER!  His presence horribly STARTLING.

Rebecca SCREAMS.




MOM: Coming!


MOM opens the door for REBECCA.

MOM: Hi!


They embrace hello.

MOM: What's the matter?

REBECCA: Nothing.

She FEIGNS A LAUGH, but it's unconvincing.


She hesitates.

MOM: What?

REBECCA: No, I just said hi, nothing's... nothing.

MOM: Alright.  You sure?


MOM: Okay, fine.  You want something?


MOM: Water?  That's all?

They head into...


A GLASS OF WATER set on the table in front of REBECCA.  MOM sits down too.

MOM: So, how's work going?

REBECCA: I love it.  I actually never like leaving at the end of the day.

MOM: Well, you go home and you're alone.

REBECCA: You know, I hadn't thought of that, thanks for pointing that out.

MOM: Well--

REBECCA: What have you been getting up to, mom?

MOM: Oh you know, same old.  How's the place, still good?

BEAT as Rebecca hesitates again.

REBECCA: It's great, it's really starting to feel homey.

MOM: Did you try the thing for the towels?

REBECCA: Yeah...

She's having trouble hiding her horrible anxiety.

REBECCA: It didn't work though.

MOM: Well don't worry too much, it's terry cloth.

REBECCA: No, I don't care about the fucking towels...

She's become quite emotional.  MOM is earnestly concerned for the first time.

MOM: Baby, what's wrong?

Rebecca tries to speak, but she can't.

REBECCA: I... I don't know.

MOM: It's okay, you can tell me.

REBECCA: No I can't!

MOM: Yes you can.

REBECCA: No, because if I tell you, you're gonna freak out, and nothing's gonna get better, it's just gonna get worse, and you're gonna try to tell me to come home, and I'm not doing that, I'm not--

MOM: Okay, okay, shh, shh, shhh...

MOM moves to her daughter and EMBRACES her, comforting her.  A long genuine moment of comfort.  Rebecca takes a DEEP BREATH.

REBECCA: There's a man stalking me.

MOM: What!?

REBECCA: Mom!  Don't get mad, just listen please--

MOM: What do you mean there's a man--

REBECCA: Mom, please!

MOM: Okay, okay.  Just tell me, what happened?

Rebecca takes another BREATH.  Then, as she speaks, she reaches into her PURSE and pulls out a PLASTIC GROCERY BAG from which she takes out a few ENVELOPES, each ornately decorated with cute romantic drawings.

REBECCA: He started leaving me love letters.  At first I didn't even know they were for me.  I thought they were for somebody else.  They weren't addressed to anybody--

MOM has found the BROWN BAG and pulled out the BLUE DILDO.

MOM: What is this?

REBECCA: He left me that too.  That's when I started to feel like--

Mom flicks a switch and the DILDO STARTS VIBRATING.

REBECCA: Okay, put that down.


REBECCA: Are you listening to--

MOM: Is that yours?

REBECCA: No!  I told you this man has been leaving things--

MOM: But why would you keep it?

REBECCA: What do you... I kept everything he left me so that I could--

BROTHER: What is that?

Rebecca's teenage BROTHER has entered the dining room.

REBECCA: It's evidence!  Okay?  It's evidence.

MOM: Becky, don't point that thing at your brother.

REBECCA: Fine!  I'm putting it away.

Perplexed and a bit disturbed, BROTHER BACKS OUT of the room.

REBECCA: See this is exactly why I didn't want to talk about this with you.  Which is fucked up, because I should've said something a long time ago.  But I knew if I did, you'd--

MOM: Wait a minute, how long has this been going on?

REBECCA: Seven weeks.

MOM: Seven... are you... this has been happening for seven weeks and you're just telling me now?

REBECCA: I'm sorry.

We hear the FRONT DOOR OPEN.

DAD: Hi!

MOM / REBECCA:  Hi!  / Hi dad!

BEAT.  Rebecca and mom look at each other.

MOM: Let's not tell your father about this.  It'll just really upset him.

REBECCA: Wait, why shouldn't--

MOM: We'll talk about this more later.

Mom GETS UP and exits to attend to DAD.

REBECCA sits alone at the dining room table.  Incredulous.  Defiant.

Then she takes the BLUE DILDO out of the bag and stands it upright in the middle of the dining room table.

She EXITS.  Camera stays with the DILDO.



I'm forgotten again

You shake your head and say it's a terrible mistake

But really I don't mind

I'm the forgettable type.


Your release date

The day freedom finally came

But when I arrived to meet you

You just left me at the gate.


I'm glad you did'nt turn around

and see my hands start to shake.


A celebration in the sky

All the colours and noises fly

But soon everything will fade and die

I really don't mind

I'm the forgettable type.


No I will never leave a mark

I'm the forgettable type. 









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I LOVE what's already been done with the Dusty Dance tiny story, but I thought I'd still share my take on it :)

EDIT: if this gets used for anything, i just realized that i forgot to mute one of the clips so there's a little bit of background noise for a few seconds (that's what you get for trying to edit video with a baby in your lap!)

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its tuned down a half step. i hope you like ths slash can think of something do with it. any feedback is always wecome i am always looking to improve so have at me if you will.

em C G D  There is a house deep in the woods And it is beautiful And the sins here are older and cooler to the touch  But this blasphemy is such ... Oh my heart can take it There is a house deep in the woods  And she is beautiful. There are the things my heart hides from But don't tell anyone And I seek for the purer and softer to the soul But the lengths that I must go So that you may feel im worth it There are things my heart hides from But don't tell anyone. Chorus: I have faced hell and high water but I have never faced it alone I am never alone There is no such thing The wicked clever watch my back and I have an angel on my side But hell burns with so many colors I almost think everyone should see. And this is terrible But it is not so bad And the worst thougth to ever cross my mind  Are the best that I have ever had And you all are trying to help But I really don't mind when I am sad And you let me know There is no such thing as alone No such thing There is a house deep in the woods And it is beautiful And the sins here are older and cooler to the touch  But this blasphemy is such ... Oh my heart can take it There is a house deep in the woods  And she is beautiful (Chorus) Slow to half time I have faced hell and high water but I have never faced it alone I am never alone There is no such thing The wicked clever watch my back and I have an angel on my side And one day they might just get married And damn near everyone will cry But I will laugh with them Cause they will need me to And because they need me too


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His hands are worn and cold, and he hasn't held you in so long that you've forgotten their feel and the roughness of them on your skin, reaching under the loose cotton tee you threw over yourself to answer the door at 2 in the morning.  The t-shirt is thin and white and once was his, although you claimed it as your own, smelling of his cologne and cheap cigarettes, the only thing left of him after all this time. 

His hands are worn and cold, and he hasn't held you in so long, that you've forgotten what it feels like to feel this, to feel skin on skin and lips brushing the curves of your exposed neck, her brown tangles on top your head in a messy bun, a few falling to meet the side of your face.

His hands are worn and cold, and he hasn't held you in so long, that you've forgotten you were once in love, that something beyond lust existed, that somewhere inside you a heart still sat beating and that the chambers of your heart weren't empty afterall, but filled with his memory, lying dormant all this time.

by ackley
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Nothing big
Nothing grand
Nothing useful
Nothing planned
Nothing smart, or at least not very
Nothing revolutionary
Nothing urgent
Nothing hot
Maybe quiet
Maybe not
Nothing hard
Nothing wet
Nothing naked, well not yet
Nothing witty
Nothing wise
No big deal
No first prize
Nothing solemn
Nothing set
Nothing much to give or get
Nothing now but me and you
Nothing more, thanks, that'll do
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The clockmaker watched as the new clock ran its hands over its beautiful face.


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I wouldn't call this a full-blown alternate version of my last video, more of a very slight adjustment. Per Matt and chariot13's suggestions, I did add some sound, though only Joe's welcome at the beginning. I tried clips from other segments, but they weren't fast enough and slowed down the pace of the movie. Plus, I liked the original feel, like you were almost fast-forwarding through the entire experience, and adding sound bits took away from that. I also swapped out more moon footage at the end for the gloam jack o' lantern, just because it's more of a unique hitRECord thing. They're minor differences, but I'm a big believer in listening to critique and trying anything once.

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by suzsun
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I was looking at eaneikciv's Tiny Tunes Collab and I had this idea to make song lyrics based on wirrow and metaphorest's not-so-tiny 'hevn and urth' poem.  I tried to sing them but I'm still not good at singing! (go figure!)  BUT I know a lot of you out there are.  Anyone wanna sing em?  Add instrumentals?  Please?  :-)


somewhere lived two stories
one of hevn, one of urth,
joined in cosmic balance,
inseparable since birth

their harmony was static
they lived as one
no fear and no desire
nothing done to be undone.

till out of nowhere hevn
tells a story all its own
and urth, beguiled by newness
acts the story out alone.

stories began to grow and blossom
sung in by hevn’s choirs.
formed their shape aloft in space,
and took life from urthly fires.

suns lit up like fireworks
and mountaintops were lifting
but stories are not set in stone
their shapes are always shifting.

but urth was starting to believe
in its own mind’s inventions
thinking stories were solid truth
and following their conventions

hevn, wary of this path,
had to speak his mind
he said, ‘urth, this is not the way’
but he couldn’t fight humankind

urth’s human nature got the best
engrossed in his own myths
he lost sight of his old friend
never knowing what he’d missed

somewhere live two stories
one of hevn, one of urth
who awake to find they’re strangers
not remembering their birth

but they’re somehow pulled together
as if their souls were once entwined
somehow hevn still remembers
and reaches out for humankind

while amnesia-stricken urth
struggles to believe
desperately trying to reconcile
what is felt with what’s perceived

as urth begins to wake up
hevn’s soul begins to soar
knowing one day they’ll reunite
and be as one once more

till then there are two stories
but one day they’ll live as one
a new hevn and a new urth
are just on the horizon

so be patient dear, though you feel
alone in the universe.
the world is made of stories
and we’re breathing every verse

so for now just sing this simple tune
and be content to know
we’re still joined in cosmic balance
as we were so long ago

all we need is to remember
and we are one again
by heart we can remember
and make urth into hevn.

by amysz
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ISO800 21mm f/3.8 1/60sec

Taken by JamieK

on October 31st, 2011 in NYC


by JamieK
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