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It is with bitter-sweet in our hearts, that we say goodbye to 2009

This year may have been either the best or worst for a lot of us.

The year 2009 may have been when we came to fully know ourselves or we became more confused.

It may have been a joyride or the toughest challenge yet.

It may have been when we lost someone dear or the time we met the ones the complete us.

It may have been the most boring year to date in our life or the most exciting one yet.

For sure, 2009 was a many things to many people. Whatever it may have been, let us look back with no regrets and embrace the coming year with more confidence. Let us also remember that we couldn't have made it through 2009 without the help of our Almighty Father.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! And may God bless us all!
This video was taken by my little brother (who was 7 when he did this; he is now 10, turning 11 this june). The video was from my brother's old cell phone that's why the image is not so good.

He is speaking in English most of the time in this video although you can hear him speak in our Visayan dialect at some parts.

It's not our house by the way. It's were my dad use to stay when he was assigned in Zamboanga.
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Took this photo during one of my photo shoots with my older brother. This was taken under the Marcelo Fernan Bridge, the bridge connecting the island of Mactan to Cebu City (kinda like Manhattan to New York).

I encourage you guys to share your photos as well. Preferably something related to this one.
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