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I decided to have a little fun with Matt's monitor picture. Didn't come out exactly how I wanted but, it's ok. You can use it for whatever you want. It'd be nice to remix it, I think. Couple of stuff you could do with it. 

If I'm missing any resource, let me know.


This isn't the type of stuff I usually do, but it came out somehow.. I still have to quantize it and fix some bits here and there.

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I wasn't able to go to the Fall Formal due to me being only 16 years old and my parents not letting me travel to LA alone.. But, thanks to all the wonderful contributions you guys made, I was able to see what a truly amazing experience the show was. =)


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TMD #1

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I recorded this a looooong time ago. Then I found and well.. you know.
Music is P.D. Would appreciate if someone made another song for it though.
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This was filmed at an old abandoned military base in Puerto Rico.
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The Ninth Door

  by iamcharlie


Only one cloud remained in the sky that day. There lied a man who seemed to be having a very pleasant nap. The cloud, however, felt kind of lonely. Suddenly, a musical note strikes. With it a cloud appeared next to the first. This event continuously happened until a whole song came to be and clouds now abounded the sky. The sleeping man slowly opened his eyes. The mixture of colors the sky contained was reflected in his eyes. When finally waking up he found himself surrounded by clouds and noticed he was in a strange place.

The man paced back and forth, trying to understand what was going on. When he reached the edge of the cloud a door appeared on the cloud that followed. With caution, the man jumped towards the cloud. When he opened the door he found that it led only to the next cloud, where another door lay, anxiously waiting to be opened. The man opened the next door, but found himself in the same situation. He played this little game until opening eight doors, where he gave up. As he was trying to analyze what was going on, he heard a knock on the ninth door. He decided to open it.

What he saw beyond that door was not even the least of his expectations. His face showed no expression whatsoever. He stood there for a while, examining and analyzing what was standing in front of him. Things were weird enough already so he decided not to question it. What he was seeing was the presence of a love he once knew, but had never forgotten. A love buried deep inside his heart, but which took most part of it. A love which no longer stood foot in this man’s world but its soul would live on forever.

“You’ve no idea how much I’ve missed that beautiful face of yours.”-said the man. The woman gently stroked her hand upon his cheek. Giving him one last look, she started to slowly melt and completely faded. The only thing left was a puddle of water which the cloud was not absorbing. The man looked down at it, sad, because his only love was now gone, once again.

The puddle made a leak on the cloud. Only one drop fell from it and it took its journey through the sky until hitting soil. This one drop traveled through the soil and nurtured a seed which instantly grew into a beautiful red rose, as if time had been in fast forward.

Back in the cloud, the man was now all alone, with only white puffy clouds floating by.

A new door appeared. With nothing to lose and only a little hope left, the man opened it. When he opened the door a bright light flashed before his eyes, but was quickly gone. Beyond the door was the rest of the cloud where the man was standing. He decided to walk through the door. As soon as he stepped through the door he fell right through the cloud as if it was, well… real. He kept falling and as soon as he was about to hit the ground everything changed. He found himself in a totally different place. He woke up. 

He was now in his room, lying on his bed, confused about what had just happened. His room was pretty normal. The walls were painted blue, there was a bed made for two people, a mirror, and that normal stuff. He had only one window though. Through it you could see part of his backyard.

When the man realized he had been dreaming, he got off his bed and went to the window. He stared at the backyard for a while. He saw something strange though, something that was not there before. It was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. There stood a beautiful red rose.

The End.


I've never written anything this long before, so bear with me. I'm not that much of a writer, though I like writing. I don't like the dialogue between the man and the woman (4th paragraph) that much, so if you could give me any advice on that it'd be nice. Also if you'd like to remix or do something with this (animation, anyone?) you could change that part, or whatever else you want.

**The resources I listed were sources of inspiration (thank you).

If anyone would like to animate this, read the remarks please. There are some good ideas (storyboard) there. I tried writing it but it would never release the RECord right.. so I gave up. Maybe I'll try again later, but in the meantime..  




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A little something I came up with a long time ago. Never finished it- file got accidentally deleted. It's more of a loop than anything else.

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I decided to do sort of a "Welcome" video to show what hitRECord is (excluding the money/business stuff). I used one of my brother's (reneg88) wonderful music, added some footage of the Sundance event, the Tiny Stories bumper quote to the intro, some footage from the RAW Regularity video Joe did on 11/11/2009, and then a "collage" of people - to show part of the hitRECord community. I think I have most of the resources. If I am missing some, let me know.

I originally waned to include some of hitRECord's greatest work and projects but, I didn't find where it would fit in the video and go with the rest of the video. Realizing just now, I guess I could've added that part after the Regularity video.... oh well. I also wanted to add some of the tributes to BURNING Dan, but again, too late. If you'd like to remix it and add some of that stuff it'd be cool. :D

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a REmix of my own RECord :$ 

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