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It all starts now


Reference cut for my audio and video contributions to the collab.

This was a lot of fun to shoot! Huge thanks to my cousin Fordyce for filming most of this with me and schlepping costumes and gear all over the Bay Area with me.


Audio and video stems to follow.

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Kinda like the likey tree, just not so likey.

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I wrote this song 5 years ago for my cousin Paul.

I'm the oldest of my two younger siblings, which means that I had to learn a lot of things the hard way -- especially socially. That is, until Paul moved in with us. I was in sixth grade and he was a sophmore in high school. He had always been a mentor for me and when he moved in, he became my older brother.

He introduced me to hip hop, styling clothes, shoes, how to talk to girls, everything. I'll never forget curiously finding his shoebox full of casette tapes, taking the Beach Boys tape out of my walkman and popping in Wu-Tang Clan's 36 Chambers. I hit play and heard "Bring the MuthaFuckin Ruckus!", and my life has never been the same.

Paul always battled internal demons. He was dealt a rough hand in life. As he got older, his struggle got harder. 5 years ago today, he finally won that battle. Or lost it, depending on how you look at it. I prefer to think that in that brief moment before death, as he hung on that rope, he finally got one over on the demons. He was in total control and he found his inner peace.

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I'm putting out a challenge to all vocalsits and MC's!

This beat is in 7/8 time, which makes it challenging to rap/sing to but it can be done! Show me what you got. Plenty of room for remixing. Have at it.


Song info:

7/8 at 160 BPM

f minor

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I recently went to Philadelphia to hang out with Amber (honeysaeb) and this little beat popped into my head. Fortunately, I brought along the necessities to hitRECord. 

Special thanks to Dr. Gory for unknowingly volunteering to be featured on the track :)


Song Info:

Tempo= 95BPM

Key= a minor

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An interstitial video for the episode RE:1

Lots of people to thank on this one. Stay tuned.

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I dig this scene that AW Clift animated. It reminds me of a western type of film with the bank robber and the "wanted" criminal poster, so I threw in an old-time sounding piano. The accordion is a sort of tip-of-the-hat to Ennio Morricone.


Song info:

Key= c minor

Tempo is speeding up from 86 to 122. If you would like to know exactly where and by what magnitude it starts ratcheting up I can dig up that info.

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This is a rough draft of the soundtrack I came up with for this awesome stop motion video (nice work messyowl).

When I first saw the video my immediate reaction was that this is a carefree girl defining herself according to her own terms. I thought an interesting story might be that there are two young people in love, maybe living in a small town, figuring out their lives together. Suddenly, she is presented with an opportunity to follow her dreams but she has to move across the country to do it. For what ever reason, he is unable to go with her. Fastforward a bit and now their phone conversations are more sporadic and less fulfilling (especially for him). This video is the image he sees of her when he closes his eyes and dreams about her. And this song is the song he feels.

Like I said, this is just a rough draft. The vocals could definitely be improved by somebody that can actually sing. I might re-record the guitar part to be more intimate and less boxy. But I wanted to get a feel for other people's reactions and see what kind of ideas you might have.

Song info:

key= D

tempo= 118 BPM

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I used to do habitat restoration work in the National Park lands in the San Francisco bay area. When I got to work one day, my co-workers and I learned that somebody had let their pet turtle loose in the parks and it had been seen eating the endangered frogs we were trying to protect. It was our mission to keep a look out for the turtle and catch it so we could give it a good home somewhere outside of the parks (not eating our frogs). But with thousands of acres for the turtle to hide, it was just like the old needle in the haystack.

I thought we would have better luck if we sang to the turtle so I started singing this little song. When I got home that evening I told my fiance about it and she helped me write the rest of the song.

Oh, and we never did find the turtle...



Tortuga, tortuga ven aquí

Tortuga, tortuga ven a mí

¿Tortuga, tortuga a dónde fuíste?

Tortuga, tortuga estoy muy triste


Oh turtle, oh turtle please come here

Oh turtle, oh turtle come to me

Oh turtle, oh turtle where have you gone?

Oh turtle, oh turtle I'm very sad


Song info:

Key = D maj.

Chord Chart= D///////////A///////////

Tempo = 176 BPM in 3/4 time

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