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Request List:

  • Music

    • Add your instrumental parts to this song
  • Illustration

    • Draw the Professor
    • Draw the Student from the PAST
    • Draw the Student from the PRESENT
    • Draw the Student from the FUTURE
    • Draw visuals from the PAST
    • Draw predictions of the Present from the PAST'S perspective
    • Draw visuals from the PRESENT
    • Draw predictions of the Future from the PRESENT'S perspective
    • Draw visuals from the FUTURE
    • Draw a Modern day Flat Screen TV
    • Draw students for the Present classroom
    • Draw Modern era Scientists
    • Draw Modern era Dream Girl
    • Draw Modern era Taco Truck Customers
    • Draw Modern era Head Implant Patient character
    • Draw Modern era Character Inside Room With Screens
    • Draw Future era Lonely Guy
    • Draw Future era People Eating Mass Produced Food
    • Draw Future era Bookshelves / Shelves / Background
    • Draw Future era Grandpa Brought Back From Dead
    • Draw Professor in modern outfit
    • Draw Professor in future outfit
    • Draw students for the Past classroom
  • Photography

    • Contribute photos for this animation
  • Animation

    • Animate visuals for this short film
  • Voiceover Artists

    • Perform the lines of STUDENT 1
    • Perform the lines of STUDENT 2
    • Perform the lines of STUDENT 3
  • Curation

    • Make an Album of your favorite contributions for this collab
  • Other

    • REQUEST VIDEOS: Click here to watch all Request Videos for this collab
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Screen_shot_2012-03-27_at_10.30.21_pm hitRECord Released Feb 20, 2015

VISUAL ARTISTS: Create modern or futuristic lithograph designs for our "Presently Speaking" animation. You can find all the elements needed in THIS UPDATED VISUAL REQUEST LIST.


NOTE: Please refer to THIS REFERENCE EDIT when creating your visuals for this piece.


* The deadline for this request is Sunday, March 15th.

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