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call me rogue
heartist Released May 28, 2012

And I would decide to take off my masquerade, if I only knew that I would put you off without it as well

I am meant to walk ahead of the mimicry of my life

I am the clown

I am the mime and you laugh about me, because I want you to laugh, so I can hide my inner face from your badgering views and bursting tongues

Keeping you away is tiring me

If I only knew that I had a place among you, I would refuse it, knowing it was reserved for me

There is no place

No rest

And no peace

For someone like me who is meant to hide, you will be the hunter, disemboweling me, skining me and beheading me after putting me to death, after hunting me in my brushwood of my offside, as I asked you for it

Curse me at my deathbed, forget me lingering in my unsacred grave