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While the standard implementation was disappointingly flawed, she found that the concept of reality had a lot of potential.

Universe 2.0
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The mosquitoes are crazy, so soon after the storm. 99% DEET, and some bite anyway. Time to go home. Down the trail, over the bridge, and back on the trail on the other side. There's my bench.

It's only 11pm; the open air theater is just over, and everybody is getting to their cars on the parking lot a few feet away. It's gonna be a while before I have my privacy.

The pool, right next to the picnic tables, opens in six hours. Then all the nutcases come, those people with beds and cars who have nothing better to do at 5 am than go...

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As the ripples close in, I remember that StarTrek - Voyager episode where the ship gets exposed to some distortion in the space-time continuum and, after frantic attempts to get out of that, Janeway hallucinates the message, "Do nothing." There isn't much that I could do anyway. It's everywhere around me. And the pen in my hand may or may not be mightier than the sword, but it doesn't seem to have much power over ripples in the fabric of the universe. I take a deep breath, and find peace for a moment.

When I can see clearly again, she...

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* another suggestion for MadisenMusic's Holiday collab:

Community Day

In a large - and fast-growing - community like hitRECord, it is easy to lose sight of the individuals behind everything that happens here. On Community Day, we could shift our focus from large scale activities to the people who do them. RECords we could make in honor of the day could:

- use footage and photos of members

- express our appreciation of specific hitRECorders or the community at large

- show how being part of this...

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* this is part of MadisenMusic's Holiday collab:

Play&Learn Day - 7/27

Try something you've never done before.

Work with someone who's not on your wavelength.

Make a how-to RECord.

Make somebody laugh.

What else?

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- Hey, where are you?

- At Jake's party, of course. Where are you?

- At Jake's party. With, like, twelve other people. And guess what? You're not one of them.

- Very funny. Where are you?

- I'm at the party. Stop fooling me. Why aren't you here?

- I am. In the living room, with everybody else.

- Fine. Then tell me, what is Jake wearing?

- Jeans, of course. And that weird blue T-shirt from that church event he'd never go to.

- ...

- So?

- He just put that on.

- I know. I saw it. What the fuck...?

- Ok. This is... weird... Ok. Let me just talk to...

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