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WWC24 - The Hike
halfreal Released Mar 27, 2015



"What's that?" 

They are beach plums. You can eat them; but this variety is not considered very tasty. Would you like a list of nutrients? 

"Nah, thanks. Not gonna get a lot of nutrition from this."

Dosy is right. I don't mind the tartness of wild fruit; but this aroma is decidedly outside the range of pleasant. Still - pleasant is not what we're here for. Pleasant is plenty at home. I force it down, and pluck a few more.

Lana doesn't value the mental exercise quite as much. She spits hers out.

"You're so spoiled."

"I'm not spoiled. I simply have a sense of taste. We should get some B12 somewhere."

"Dosy? Any sources around here?"

There is a lake with a sizable trout population about five kilometers from here. Would you like me to guide you?

"Want fish?"


"Okay, show us, Dorsy. Thanks."

Out here, of course, with no paths, the arrows projected on our retinas will only give us the direction as the crow flies. The AI can't navigate the thicket, which is almost impenetrable ahead of us. But that's the reason we're here, after all. Living embedded in a planet-sized cyborg brain is convenient and efficient, and gives immediate access to virtually every experience the human brain can process - but not to the sense of accomplishment that comes with being on your own, mastering a challenge that exists only for its own sake, all by yourself. I'm more than a part of a whole. I am me. I am finding my way. I am.

The lake is right behind a hill in front of us. The growth at the foot is dense; but the climb looks easy enough, so we choose the way up. And are rewarded by a view from...

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I wanted to dive again, and save you, too.

But the light was gone.

I wouldn't have found

the way back through.

We would both have drowned.


For May's collab 

TOM: [...] I am quite fond of the Dewey decimal system though.

BRIDGETT: (suspicious) Oh. Do you use it much?

TOM: Only to organize my collection of books on the...

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It seems like a very strange thing to expect us to intelligibly explain an advanced scientific concept about something invisible and essentially unknown to an audience that can't...

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I know the images on Tumblr are linked to the RECords here; but I still find it oddly dismissive not to mention the artist's name along with the title.


Dear younger self,

You are no doubt surprised to hear from me, as you already realize that I don't give shit about you, just like you don't give shit about me. What you don't know,...

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Believe it or not, it is currently possible to embed images in text RECords if you enter the img tag by hand.

And I think it would be really neat if we had an official option to do...

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For technical reasons, your child does not have an Undo function. This necessitates careful consideration of possible consequences before entering commands or making modifications...

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halfreal Aug 16, 2014