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I think I have a case of dystopia today.


Tried to bring this nice illustration by Darren Kheng (gyllenmaya) to live

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oy oy oy

I shoulddah put this up a long while ago. I've been working on this cool series called Vonandalous Alchneminan: The Space Station of the Seven Stars. I've challenged myself to draw a new section of this space station every day for 100 days! I'm 21 days in now. I'll put updates on HitRECord from time to time, but if you want to see the whole story (yes did I mention that, it's also a story!) in its entirety have a look right here:


I also got back from the HitRECord House of Awesomeness 2 weeks ago! I've been taking it easy on the internet stuff since then. I had an amazing time and got to meet a whole bunch of amazing HitRECorders. I wuv you guys so much. I don't even know where to start talking about it, it was all just so amazing!

I've been so inspired since coming back I basically don't wanna go back to work haha!



by rewfoe
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This is the music I composed for my video RECord "Run with fire." All drums, all adrenaline, all the time!

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I thought something of this nature might be fun for some of you to play with in this collaboration. It's got a fun, broken circus waltz-type feel to it.

80 bpm 6/8 time
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A lot of Japanese influence in this one. The harp sets the tone in the beginning and the flute carries the melody most of the way until the strings pick it up and get carried by the Taiko drums and then we end back again with the harp. I hope this inspires some one of you many brilliants out there!

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A little silly thing I made. Can be used in anything. The "flute" used in this is actually a recording of a bottle blow that only had to be tuned by a few cents to a perfect C.

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Just piano. The words that go with this are based on Rabid Schnauzer's story:

Rainbow Crow

Was the loveliest of all birds

With bright colored feathers

And a beautiful voice.

The world was warm

With the peace of perpetual summer.

Then the Creator thought of snow and ice,

and winter came.

The Wise Owl knew someone had to go

up to Heaven where the cold was growing.

Rainbow Crow was the one to go.

He flew higher than any bird has flown,

through the very stars he was going, going...

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What a great song by platopaulson. A wonderfully composed piece of music great chord changes and a wonderful melody and lyrics. Reminds me a lot like depeche mode song judas off their songs of faith and devotion album.

Original can be found here

I had so much fun singing this song I'm not a musical style singer mind you :D so it has loads of imperfections.

Great work platopaulson an amazing composition! 

He has the stems on his page in E and C for anyone who wants to give it a shot :D

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There is nothing more promising than to see fireflies lighting the dark


P.S - I was digging around for inspiration and upon stumbling on Joab's video (, it immediately triggered an idea! The little girl here is drawn with Joab's daughter, Zoe, in mind. Joab if you're reading this, I apologize for not getting your consent before coming up with this...I just have to draw it before inspiration escapes me. And if somehow she doesn't look good enough, my apologies again.

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