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Just an idea for a cool site feature - not sure if it's been suggested already.

When sorting, I find it helpful to see things like Earliest, Most Recommended, etc -

How about Most Remixed?

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I took a taste of the angel’s share,

drank the devils cut !took a backwards walk down a oneway streetwith the sprit of jacob’s ghost,danced with a three legged hairless dog head on into three sheets of wind.sang a song of six pence,downed a bottle of rye.fell face first on a one eyed slut,god dame i think i’v died !
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1. What are the biggest misconceptions people who can see have about being blind?

2. Amongst deaf people, there's a deaf culture. Do you feel that blind people have a similar cultural community? Why or why not?

3. How do you decide if someone is beautiful or not? or, How do you describe someone to another blind person?

4. What do you do online?

5. Do clothes, makeup, or other parts of physical dress matter to you? Why or why not and if so, then how?

A/N: I apologize if these are too seeing person centric. I really wanted to create...

Open on a basement-like room. The walls are made of cinder blocks. A man, Chad Snakelton, wearing a suit and a tin-foil hat, sits at a mahogany desk. Several shelves full of legal books stand behind Chad Snakelton.

CHAD: Are you worried about your children fighting over your vast canned-food empire when you are gone? Do you need to evict a family member from your underground bunker? Do you need help procuring the inter-galactic property rights to your seed collection? Have you gotten into a bit of trouble with those that call...

by Smarmy ago

[If born blind]:

What is your earliest memory, when you realized that you were blind, that you were different than your family/friends/peers (assuming they are not blind), and what was that like?

Maybe we can reword this... :)

-Singing Turtle

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