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Re: Resident Curators
sinnamin Released Nov 17, 2014

This text record is the result of discussions a few of us have had and I mean no disrespect to anyone.

1. In 2012, when the first group of Resident Curators were installed,  we were given the impression that they would be on a rotation basis. It's been two years and there's been no rotation. People have been added every year. A few of the RCs were dropped but no one ever explained why, so we assume it was for personal reasons. It's essentially been the same group of people. 

I'm not sure about the logistics involved in rotating the curators, but I think it would be a good thing. There are many, many talented artists on hitRECord with different tastes in art who, thus far, may not have been given the opportunity to head collabs or do request videos etc and kind of slip thru the cracks. Rotation could cover this as well as any perceptions people have about who the current curators feature. Rotation would also cover those curators who are absent for a considerable amount of time.

Maybe the Resident Curator position could be valid for a particular time frame, say a year. Once the year is done, a fresh set of curators would be installed. 

2.  Currently there are 35 Resident Curators out of which more than half are pretty inactive.  Off the top of my head I can think of at least 5 to 7 I haven't seen on site for a while. There are some who were quite prolific before, but coincidently, once they were made RCs, they pretty much vanished.  They may be doing things offsite, but we aren't aware of the behind the scenes goings on.  If you look at andyramone's & hitRECord's recs...

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It would be really useful if audio recs had an exact indication of how long they are. I think they used to but now they don't.


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Hitrecord used to be my everything, hitrecord was the entire reason I became an...

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Marya Nov 09, 2014
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