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Working at a startup with a huge focus on collaboration, I've gotten to read and see a lot on what does and doesn't work in collaboration. 

Some facts on transparency:

  • A 2005 study found that companies rated high in transparency outperformed the S&P 500 by 11.3 percent

  • One MBA professor found that students left out of planning sessions can become not only disengaged but also confrontational. Oh and when invited in later? They have even less desire to participate. 

  • When information is horded, teams tend to feel "dysfunction, lack of trust, lack of collaboration". They develop a team culture of "cagey secrecy"

  • Trust is crucial for employee motivation, engagement, and honesty. In fact, they're more likely to follow through on goals set by management when they trust management. What do you need for trust? Transparency, of both good and bad information. 

Do we need to discuss every nitty gritty detail with the community? Probably not. However, it's not surprising that incredibly talented people join the site, enjoy the community, and eventually leave because they don't feel engaged with the production process. 

It can be incredibly hard to trust when people are asked to do things off site via email, and only afterwards "featured" as this perfect thing you were looking for. Or, people work hard to follow creative direction asked for on site, only to see it taken by a well known professional or go in a different direction.

Change happens. I get that. It can be hard sometimes to convey that. 

Without transparency, there's no trust. Without trust, people disengage. And there's nothing...

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Looking through the window

At ghosts of the past

Translucent as his heart

Of cold frosted glass


He only ever urged to

Having one desire

To be able to feel warmth

From a bright and...

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