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preach to me,
empower me with something
i cannot see

not the good book
i've heard it too many times

speak something clearer,
something that oozes light to the ocean floor,
pulling me up and
extending my poor sight
past horizons of earth

suffusing my skull with a gold nebula,
to soon settle
and enrich
the blank slates of my mind


When this is all over

We shall sit down, you and I

And laugh madly about it all

This nonsense called a life.


But we shan't, shall we

No because we will both be dead

And nothing now but home for the worms.



It is good to make plans

Involving your friends.

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When sleep's o'erwhelming hour o'ertakes the force
Of exploration and amazement which,
In domineering spirit of its course
Within my veins, foments a fevered pitch
Throughout my body; makes my little brain
Be filled with wonder as it forms a map
Of all there is to learn, each tiny grain
Of knowledge to absorb... I'll take a nap.
Till then, I'll fight with all my strength of youth
And conjure brand new ways to make you think
That I should stay awake; with nail and tooth,
I'll cry or thirst or yell or play or stink!
     Awake is how I'm meant to see the world,
     Not snoring in my dreams as I lie curled!



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The category read, "Things you replace." He thought long and hard. The letter was F. He liked it when the letter was B, for batteries. Or G, for garbage bags. He'd tried F once. He said Furniture. The other kids scoffed at him. What could be more permanent than furniture? He lost the point, but knew it was only to their own narrowmindedness. He had seen his parents tuck away the bassinet for the wooden crib, and set the coffee table stained with all those water glass circles on the curb. There's no such thing as permanent when it comes to things. But the other children haven't learned that yet. They don't know the word Replace. They call it Upgrade. Yesterday's gaming system gets shoved in the closet, but the new thing is different right? Can't you tell the graphics are in 3D now? Nevermind that some of the most popular ones are reboots of the classics. His older brothers taught him to respect the classics. Those things in the closet will be collectors items one day. He suddenly realized his mind was drifting, and he was 10 seconds to the buzzer with half his card blank and no acceptable entry for the letter F. The other kids should really have accepted his answer of Furniture, but these things always come down to a vote and they never vote in his favor. Maybe he should replace his Friends. But he didn't dare write that one down. The buzzer went off, half his card still blank. The other kids went around the circle. Funnily enough, for that category they all put Furniture. And nobody said a word about it.

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inspired by Morcheeba's "Bulletproof".


took me about 2 hours to finish. it is supposed to be a production note / musical sketch. a female singing voice would improve this track immensely. 


tempo 95bpm

by venns
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just finished this 2 hour production sketch of a track I have had in mind for a few days. male vocals would improve this one a lot.


tempo: 95 bpm

by venns
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I was inspired by wirrow's feature of the Matthew Lister/Tyrann0s remix and the suggestion of some lyrics to go with it.  I had a look at the Sakura folk song but wanted to come up with something different, based on a bit of melody I had when I first heard this remix.  Searching for a tale featuring the cherry blossom tree, I found this chilling ghost story from Richard Gordon Smith's "Ancient Tales and Folk-lore of Japan" (cited below) and used it for the basis of this song. 


I cry

Tears turn scarlet

Blood of my own kind

All i ever wanted

Shame in a snowstorm

Petals on my bed

Dark wood is casting

A shadow overhead

They say that if you visit dead trees in the dark

Especially the one in the centre of the park

You can hear the voices of long dead folk

Begging for atonement, fading like smoke

Pleas from the man selling teas to the crowd

Shielding the sacred tree he had vowed

To protect, standing in the way of the sword

Gave up his life for his honour and his word

The man with the sword never meant him to die

Never meant for his wife to come out at the cries

Of the tea man dying watch the swordsman flee

All for the blossom of the Hirano tree

And that was not the only life to fall by the tree

Before it was over there would be three

One body clung, one body hung,

Another was the father of a killer on the run

The tea man's wife felt she lost her soul

The death of her husband  took its toll

Rope from the stables the horse ran free

She tested the strength of the branch of the tree

The swordsman meanwhile has cleaned his blade

All the while haunted by the bed he's made

Safe at the home of his father at last

Time to recover and forget the past

But word comes quick that the deed isn't done

Ghosts are reported to be stalking some,

Unfinished business the killer returns

Back to the tree where the cursed heart burns

The swordsman finds that the tree has died

But visions of blossoms seem to deride

He takes out his sword and in desperate strokes

Slashes the flesh of the dead tree's ghost

But even a tree so rare doesn't bleed

The killer sees red on his sword and his sleeves

Blinded by the ghosts  his senses bound

His father who had followed him, dead on the ground

The killer later turned his sword on himself

One last death to deliver him from hell

But you can't run away from what evil brings

Late in the night you can hear him sing:

I cry

Tears turn scarlet

Blood of my own kind

All I ever wanted

Shame in a snowstorm

Petals on my bed

Dark wood is casting

A shadow overhead

[Based on the Japanese Folk Tale "The 'Jirohei' Cherry Tree" as told in "Ancient Tales and Folk-lore of Japan" by Richard Gordon Smith (1918) as viewed here:]

[Poem Every Day - Day 15 - April 15, 2014]

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I'll hide my words in the litter alley.

At least no sense will be knocked into them there.



("I think often times when wise words are taken literally, the wisdom gets lost." - RegularJOE)

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I think that I shall never see

As lovely a dichotomy --

Soul serene, secure in beauty,

Fearful, though, of social duty,


Thoughtful lover, unrequited

By your own predisposition,

Home alone with Truth united --

A modern metaphysician.


Passions rage;  you arrange a truce

Between your sparrows and your snakes.

Soul-searching makes you a recluse,

Lost in imaginary wakes.


Dressing Vision in Fantasy’s clothes,

Your poems make Heaven from Hell.

Through loneliness and mortal woes,

Your spirit gets on very well.


You, nobody? It’s just not true!

Sweet Emily, we all know you.


Listen at:

by Poeteye
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by Addam47
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just invented a german word for TCS's song paused.

the word is:

"!brülliant!" (adj.) and it expresses the feeling of screaming with joy off the top of your lungs because you have just experienced something so incredibly awesome. it is a combination of the german verb "brüllen" (yelling, screaming) and brilliant.

the noun would be:

"!brüllianz!" (n., f.)

and of course the verb:

"!brülliantieren!" (v.)


suggestions for further words of this kind in the comments below please. if need be i will start a collab to collect more than a few results. the languages to combine from are free. it could be mongolian and pashtu or dutch and japanese as long as the final word is different.


ps: do not ask me about the exclamation marks. no idea why the hell they are there. they just are.

pps: brülliant expresses my joy over listening to the song. repeatedly.

by venns
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