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Hi everyone,

This Project Status Update touches upon the creative methodology for HITRECORD ON TV Season 2 as well as the following:

> We are now shifting from the stage of Development into Production of Season 2.

> These 8 ALBUMS contain the collabs that we will be actively focusing on. We will be adding collabs to these Albums throughout production and, if and when we subtract a collab, we will notify the community as soon as possible


NOTE: Project Updates regarding in development non-TV related Productions and HITRECORD ON TV Season 2 will be coming soon.


ADDITIONAL NOTE: If you have any questions or comments regarding any of these collabs, please contribute to the hitRECord Town Hall collab HERE.



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HITRECORD ON TV Season 1 Box Set


The official companion to our Emmy-Winning first Season of HITRECORD ON TV includes a digital download of all 8 episodes, plus 8 themed booklets for each episode and a special “Making HITRECORD ON TV” booklet. Also included are 4 special ‘making of’ bonus videos not shown on TV and a download card for all 17 songs featured in the season.

I'm so proud of what we made together and can't wait to get my hands on this physical RECord of Season 1. :oD

Thanks again <3


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Ladies and Gentlemen, I have pretty big news… WE WON AN EMMY! To all of the artists, all over the world that contributed their ideas, writing, music, animation, really ANY kind of RECording: thank you, thank you, thank you!! We all earned this together.

We won the award for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media in the category of Social TV Experience, which means that the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has recognized our collaborative efforts in making this show together through

So thank you to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for recognizing the efforts of so many who made a show like HITRECORD ON TV possible. While our main focus as a community is to seek validation in the work we do together, it’s truly an honor to have an established institution like the Emmy’s take notice of our collaborative process.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t thank our amazing network, Pivot, as they took a chance on this show before we even made the first episode.

So I say it again - thank you all!! I can’t wait for Season 2. In fact, if you are ANY kind of artist, come work with us. We’re in production right now, and it’s going really, really well. So come and join us!

Thanks again


CLICK HERE to watch Episode 1.


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An attempt at turning pantoufle's awesome rainbow crow frames into the blackened crow (as missamerica suggested in WunderBoy's feature comment).

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There is so much amazing imagery going on here that this has to be recognized. These are all brilliant resources that deserve extra attention. Also, a lot of great writing happening as well with a good taste of cynicism. All are resourced. 

by Babbish
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4 days. 19 colors (including crane colors). 300 post-its. 143 cranes.

Be sure to check out xobreexo23's original photograph heeeeeeeere 

To see this with super dramatic shadows click heeeeeeere 

Illustrations are easier to remix for post-it projects, but after seeing bree's photograph on hitRECord's tumblr, I knew I'd kick myself if I at least didn't try to remix it. It was challenging and difficult dealing with lines and shadows that I never had to deal with before.

The cranes were originally going to be drawn on white post-its outlined with different colored sharpies, but the blurriness of the cranes in bree's photo made it difficult to know which line went where. Part of the appeal of bree's photo is the birds' blurriness because it gives the feeling of flight. It also gives the feeling of awe and confusion for the viewer because you're left wondering how the hell she did that. So I nixed the drawn cranes idea and decided to fold the cranes myself. Placement was tricky, but it worked out in the end. I love having the cranes pop off the post-it giving the whole project a 3D feel -- something new. 

Anyways, go subscribe to xobreexo23 if you haven't. She's a superb artist and her photographs and animations are phenomenal. 

Pretty proud of this project :)

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the bullet makes the metal a pearl.
the blood,
a tap on the back.

your regrets,
quiet and still/all at once.

you awake.
breathing for the ghost.


thatwasnotveryravenofyou gave me another opportunity to create blackout poetry in the form of a physical record. What makes this record so fun and special is that this is her actual initial draft of the poem, given to me out of her notebook of poems. Her original edits are in here, along with some adaptations I had to make due to the differences in this physical piece and a few edits she made to the version posted on HitRECord. Oh the joys of the collaborative process in person.


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