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A barely lively rolling field


Thought I just mess around a little. Be sure to check out Jordan Kendall's other works. They are amazing!

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Didn't turn out exactly the way I hoped it to be but...whatever

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Are we RECording for Season 2?

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Mother nature is always there for us

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I'm proud to say that today's my 2nd year anniversary on HitRECord!

Before joining this amazing community, I used to think that my artworks will never leave my 'abyss of forgotten works'. But since releasing my first RECord here, I realised that the real beauty of art lies in the passion poured into it and not only limited to its aesthetics. Honestly, I was a little intimidated by all the talents around.

Last year was a rather rough one for me. I was stuck in a one-way relationship that I foolishly thought I could hold it together. Little by little, it devastated me, changed me and made me into a person who questioned his self worth everyday. With that, came my artist's block thus explaining my absence (if it ever bothered anyone) from HR for quite sometime and the lack of participation on Season 1 production. It was so bad that it even affected my progress in both my piano and cello lessons. But thank God, it's finally over...broke myself free from it once and for all. Nevertheless, the experience helped me gained a better understanding of my ownself and definitely helped me gain a better style in my artwork.    

I'm so glad to be back and ready to be a part of Season 2's production. A special mention goes to my first friend I 'met' here; Gaby who is an amazingly supportive friend. And also a big THANK YOU to all you guys who have been so supportive of my RECords. You are all so wonderful and I'm so proud to get to know you all.

(Ok, I'm done the way, this happened to go well with RE: Number 2 collab that I have to contribute into it)


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"When it rains, don't be sad. It's just me touching your face."

I can't get over the concept of Sabine's Never Really Gone. So wonderful and the tiny story that came with it is just too awesome! The story itself makes a wonderful love story.

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UFO Dress & a pair of matching silver boots

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Some of you might or might not know that every seven month of the Chinese calendar (the lunisolar calendar) is the Ghost month hence the Ghost Festival takes place during that time of the year. It is a time when the gates of Hell is opened, allowing ghosts and spirits of our ancestors roam freely in the mortal realm to seek food and entertainment. In general, these spirits are malicious as they're lost souls that were never given proper burial or are completely forgotten. They have needle thin necks which disallow them from inducing food while having a big belly with an appetite that cannot be satiated.

People are oft times warned not to leave their house at night. Food, joss paper, incense, hell bank notes are offered in order to prevent these lost souls from intruding our lives and bring misfortunes, sometimes, they would even take your life. On the fourteenth day of the celebration, people will float lit water lanterns in the shape of lotus that will guide these lost souls back to the gates of Hell. In other words, the candles we burn on that night acts more of a guiding light than as a form of rememberance.


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"Thou art I and I art thou."

Where there's one, there should be another. Only then, will things have a value of its own.

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I entrust all my hopes and dreams upon your radiant wings.

Should I turn into the beast of darkness, you will be the light that guides me home.

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Like what TheLastDomino suggested; Carlie the Blondie.

I incorporated elements from the media's ideal image of beauty for Carlie's design. Mollie, on the other hand, was beauty defined in the 'eye of the beholder' context and a doll that has 'expired'. The idea came when I saw how people nowadays are tying celebrities to the definition of beauty, while anything that's not within that mould, is called ugly and ostracized.

That aside, I think I can relate to Mollie's feelings of getting replaced cause we could no longer fulfill our roles whether at work, society or even amongst friends. Favouring that new person cause they look better, are funnier and cooler...that's just how things work, I guess. 


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