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I was intending to make a visual novel style ReRec for this week using After Effects but it was too complicated to even get things moving and ended up wasting half the day trying to figure things out... So, screw it, I'll just keep it simple.

Here are my ReRecs for the week :

1) Loopsspool by bell - A great contribution for the RE: Loops collab. Tune's catchy and the bassline done by Wunderboy is amazing. Loving every loop of it :D

2) Mondays were made for coffee by saikodelic - O yes, tomorrow's Monday and that means coffee time! This illustration is amazing. Simple solid colours that convey a message that most of us are familiar with.

3) Lullaby Creatures by annesleypants - So dreamy, so beautiful...a perfect cover for a children storybook. Please have a look at it, it's so cute that you'll go 'awww...' just staring at it

4) i'm still here for you by aica - This is nothing like the typical aica arts but I'm loving the dark twist in it. Crisp outline and solid colours...what else can you not do aica? :)


Thank you so much Wunderboy for another Wunderbass- I did mess with it a bit hope that's ok! 

by bell
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Because when you dramatically alter your sleep pattern during weekends, there's no way you can get through Monday at work without a little help. 

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an illustration I did !

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by aica
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