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An album for Little Bunny Bear.


To Sinnamin, I hope that one of the hand movements will fit your description. :)

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I might look like a wabbit but I ain't one. Whaddya think I am?

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Little Bunny Bear with a bit of colour ideas. Well, he's actually wearing his four seasons bunny coat.

Pink - Spring (I based this one on sinnamin's paper REmix :) )

Summer - Goldish

Autumn - Red to Orange hue

Winter - Silvery

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The draft version for a possible REmix by someone who's interested to :)

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"Hey, even a little bunny bear needs to go in to hibernation, I still have some 'bear' in me, no?"


Just a t-shirt idea for Winter Collection 2012 collab (Wait, does anyone wear that in Winter?)

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I thought this little bunny bear needs a bit of introduction:

Born in a place called Bearyville, this little bunny bear was and has always been a little 'different' from his other kins. He has got a rather extreme obsession with bunnies and decided that he wanted to be a part of them, hence choosing to dress up as a bunny. As the denizens could not accept the extent of his extremities, they have decided to make him an outcast. Despite this tragic end, this little bunny bear chose to live differently and never a day regretted his decision of living his dream of as a bunny!

I created a few different expressions of this bear, not exactly a clean art but hey, whoever chooses to fiddle with it, feel free to do so (and thanks for doing that). By the way, he still lacks a name...

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AND... a colour me lazy version for this work.

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Queen now fully rendered in kinda acrylic paint style!

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Razmaghul (Raz-ma-gool) - It has been increasingly disturbing to know that while this place is innocent and fun, there's something malevolent lurking by its far reaches condemning the human mind. Alas, with thorough research conducted, it appears that the Razmaghul could be one of the culprits.

Apparently, this creature that bore similar form to a cat plagues the human mind with an unknown force that causes a form of addiction and deprives them of their sleep. The Razmaghul is sometimes referred to as the Nightmare or the Sleep Eater where they feed off human's attention preventing them from entering the world of dreams.

It seems that there have been reports that some HitRECorders might have potentially been haunted by the Razmaghul. If one suspects of such encounter, it's time one pulls the plug and go to bed...

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"When we die, we're never really gone but become fireflies that'll light the night sky..."

I remember seeing people living in the country side catching fireflies by the river banks and the story of fireflies being the souls of the departed which in the end, inspired this illustration.

Just another test concept, hope no one minds the bad artwork :)

Please feel free to create a tiny story for it or two :)

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"We'll be together till the end of time..."

Anyone else wants to give it a story?


P.S. Best viewed without zooming in :p

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"Till the day he warms me with his kiss, I'll continue to lie asleep on this snowflake that will soon melt away."


Please feel free to chip in a tiny story or two...I'm never good at writing. Lol

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