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Thank you SO much to RichieMillenium and Echolalianova for doing audio on the fly for this! I can't even begin to express my gratitude. =D

Inspired by the HitRECord Family Band. ^_^
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by goodgirl_indie ago
Dear HitRECorders,

Thank you, thank you, for supporting Vincenzo, the victory ice cream. Let's break it down a bit.

Vincenzo is a revolutionary, standing up for all righteous wins over here at HitRECord.

His insurgency over the old media not only include all collaborators and people of fantastic nature, but also introduces his protégé, Patti, the Victory Pecan Pie, and his second in command, Corey Cool Whip. A great others follow in the name of HitRECord, too; Berry Bob bubbles with all his bounce when he sees beautiful collaborations,...

We’ve been up all week, my worldwide friends and I, in front of luminated screens that radiate less than the content within them. Our eyes are the red of creative insomniacs…the same red, in fact, as the hearts and circles entangled within the wiring of the glowing electricity projecting onto our pores. The same red as the passionate lovemaking creatively known to be collaboration; when a poem is unionized with its perfect voice, and furthermore entangles itself in the throes of a musical odyssey, or perhaps visual imagery. When a...