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Thank you SO much to RichieMillenium and Echolalianova for doing audio on the fly for this! I can't even begin to express my gratitude. =D

Inspired by the HitRECord Family Band. ^_^
I thought Jenyffer.maria's doodle for the Nebulullaby collaboration was quite charming, and thought that it may go well transposed with an older experimental RECord of mine, so I layered the figures overtop of my footage and animated some of her stars.

Here's to 10,000 RECords!
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I took iasiosee's projector resource and dabbled to HitRECordize it into a countdown reel. :)
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Originally to celebrate v3's 10,000 records mark, a good HitRECord friend and I went out for some victory ice cream, but failed to record our experience. And so, in celebration of this landmark occasion in HitRECord and new media history, I present you with a reinterpretation of the said ice cream.

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Dear HitRECorders,

Thank you, thank you, for supporting Vincenzo, the victory ice cream. Let's break it down a bit.

Vincenzo is a revolutionary, standing up for all righteous wins over here at HitRECord.

His insurgency over the old media not only include all collaborators and people of fantastic nature, but also introduces his protégé, Patti, the Victory Pecan Pie, and his second in command, Corey Cool Whip. A great others follow in the name of HitRECord, too; Berry Bob bubbles with all his bounce when he sees beautiful collaborations, and Manny Macadamia musters up magnificent metaphors with all his might (and mighty, he is).

Yes, with this team of fantastic mouthfuls helping us along, we'll be sure to prevail over all odds, no matter how great! They are, of course, always looking for recruits. :)
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We’ve been up all week, my worldwide friends and I, in front of luminated screens that radiate less than the content within them. Our eyes are the red of creative insomniacs…the same red, in fact, as the hearts and circles entangled within the wiring of the glowing electricity projecting onto our pores. The same red as the passionate lovemaking creatively known to be collaboration; when a poem is unionized with its perfect voice, and furthermore entangles itself in the throes of a musical odyssey, or perhaps visual imagery. When a simple sketch has such allure as to reel in motion reels, likewise returning the favor by lending itself at any time to prose. It all works together to create a sweet, beautiful, inspiring moment that is captured to memory and time, and stored for future RECreation, REjuvenation, and REvelry.

This bright red running through the frenzied glare of our eyes courses through us entirely, hitting our heart, and whispering sweet nothings to return the favor and hit the hearts of the phosphorescent invisible fields pulsating in front of us; connecting us to someone we may have never had the pleasure of meeting in physical time, but respect and admire. Collectively, through the influence of such persuasion that the flow has over these global amis and I, we continue to hit hearts through our fingertips. We create a global pulse; a beat so strong and commanding, not many a person can leave untransformed in some way.

At HitRECord, the enchanted participate in a welcomed community of similarly like-minded, red-eyed souls. Red buttons reflect our desire to create something to BE desired. This want that we have for records that inspire us so urges us to take originality to a higher level of alteration and REinterpretation. What may have spawned from the sparks behind one’s red eyes and beating heart then becomes REillustrated and transferred to another’s, creating a separate spark that generates its own light, and the collective community burns brighter. And another remix from that REnewed pulse then REcycles thoughts to REgenerate new art. And again. And again and again.

It may be perfectly silent when we arrive at our desks, living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. The silence decreases, however, when ears are filled with the beats created by our hands drumming on the table, our voice slamming over a stanza, the slap of our bass, the muted scratch of our paintbrush, our mouse clicking furtively to lasso that layer.

A compulsion, some might say…but to those people, I recommend that they come and experience the pull and joy of creative insomnia, the delirious feeling of inspiration, and the supportive collaboration and communication between the genii that such an artistic community harbors.

To those people, I challenge them.

HitRECord for yourself. And for us.
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