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random rants
fullblowndave Released May 18, 2012

rollocking round rich reefs relunctantly relishing, reeping, replaying 

my meloncholic minds mysterys..mesmerizing mouthfulls meandering meaningfully

through turrets tall, taken turbulently to transparent tufts tweeting tunefully.

somewhere someone sings...serenades soulfully, seeking, striving sorrowfully

greeting ghosts..growing giants gallop grotesquely, guiding guilty gusts 

down dutifully dark dusty drives....daring dukes devilishly dash

instinctively inwards and onwards to a mindfull of colours that reaches out to all...

that fathomes life and touches everyone and everything...


Theres a stream I used to visit, bout 5 minutes from home. There I had a escape, my friend beside me and a rolly in one hand..hang my feet in the stream, I feel the current..I also...

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some basic movement put together as part of my look at the emotional journey of the prince in dosteyevskys idiot. this scene is between rogozhan and the prince, they are like...

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hello i'm a compulsive liar, it started small, just little white lies. When that was mastered and easy i moved on to big heart breakers or life changers ones that can really effect...

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