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Request List:

  • Photography

    • Shoot your interpretation of the illustration
    • Show us how you did it!
  • Illustration

    • Add records that would make great IRLustrations
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1536556_702042125306_1676670824_n fredwatford Released Aug 20, 2015

Ive always wanted to be able to draw. I never had the talent, or as importantly, the discipline to hone that skill. Being able to take this image or idea in your head and put it onto canvas is just incredible to me. I have had this idea for a long time and since I am coming up on my 5th year here at HR I feel that it is time to put it out there.


It is simple. Recreate illustrations from HitRecord in the real world.


Using People, Makeup, Costumes, Props, and Lighting to…

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