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fredwatford Released Apr 24, 2015

In the violent dark, she bites my lip. A flash of pain. Alcohol dilutes my senses save for her inescapable taste; a sweet perfume of flowers, lipstick, and sweat. Bodies irrevocably joined at the mouth, we stumble over, as much as out of, our clothes. I push her onto the bed and hear her squeal as she falls back into the dark. Her porcelain skin stands out in stark contrast to the dark room around her. I finish untangling myself from my pants as she shoves the decorative pillows off of the bed. I am not even to the bed before she is on top of me. That taste again. It is everywhere. I run my hands up her impossibly firm body. Were we ever this perfect? Soon.

“I never thought-“ her voice, equal parts passion and mischief, breathes heavily into my ear as I lay down on top of her. “You two alw-“ I kiss her hard, rolling her over on top of me. She sits up, taking my finger into her mouth. She wants me to look at her. I comply.

A light briefly shines into the room from the streets outside, the blinds casting bars across our joined bodies. Soon.

She begins to kiss my neck. My chest. My stomach. I hear her before I can see her. The familiar cadence of her steps as she searches the house for me. Her bag, thrown haphazardly just inside of the room as the door pushes open, causes the naked body atop mine to tense.

“Hi hon-“ She looks at me. The smile on her face, the one reserved for me, lingers.  It stays there for what seems like forever as her body is slow to catch up to where her mind already is. I will not remember this after tomorrow. But she will. She will never speak to me again after this. She will be broken for a while but eventually she will love again. She will have the life that I can no longer give her. I bury the furious sadness that threatens to undo me and smile. She will never know and, soon, neither will I.  

You have 24 hours before a necessary surgery wipes your memory - Write a story about how you would spend those 24 hours.  *The Deadline for Week 28's Challenge is Monday, April 27th.


I think it would be a great place to start. A mini-doc of the history of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. We could include short interviews with people whose family came to...

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There should be a collab based around camp fire tales. You could shoot this around a camp fire at night and the illustrators could bring the tales to like.

  • An Adventure Story like...
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“This is?” 

She says, crumbling into the dirt, tears falling from her eyes like spent bullets.


“Is what happens when…”

The words leave my mouth as a mumble, barely audible in the...

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I don’t remember the face of my first love. Not really. I remember that she had long blonde hair and a little squishy nose. She was far too pretty to have been with the awkward...

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fredwatford Mar 27, 2015

“Ok son, tell me where it is.”

The white sterile walls and unforgiving florescent lights are incongruous with the clouds of grey smoke escaping the man sitting across the metal...

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fredwatford Mar 22, 2015

frigid fingers

fail to find purchase

frantic fighting

forward to surface




A dimly lit dorm room lined with generic brown furniture. The white tile floor is scattered with two sets of clothes. A young man and woman, both in their...

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Year after year of falling asleep in each other's arms have forged an ever-so-slight dip through the bed's middle.

Spent, they allow gravity to pull their sweaty bodies together. 


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fredwatford Oct 08, 2014

Red hot fire inside

Each ember a memory

It pushes warmly against my skin

Circuitous in its meandering

Testing. Eager to burn.

Its tongue never touches

My lips on its way out

But consumes...

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The thumping of electronic bass shakes the small elevator at an increasingly rapid pace and volume. A man leans against a sleek wall, his face buried...

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