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The Dreamer
fredwatford Released Nov 13, 2012

If someone would like to do a different reading Ive included the text below.

The first time I had this dream it was a nightmare

Dark and terrifying, full of unseen danger.

As time went by and the dream stayed with me, the darkness receded

and I began to look forward to returning to the Eden that had become my dreams

The dream is the same that it has always been.

It is the dreamer that has changed.


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An ill-fitting suit hangs limply off his tiny shoulders. Black on white on black. Tie tied tight, shoes shined bright. The bed he sits on is his own, made but with a child's apathy...

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fredwatford Feb 23, 2014

today is my seventeen hundred thirty-ninth day taking this train to work. across from me a lady silently weeps. i am surrounded by people that live in their own misery while i live...

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The world was not always divided into such clean, bold lines as good and evil. Long ago, before these terms even existed, a war was waged. Battle lines were drawn and to the victor...
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