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there once....
freddyblue Released Nov 08, 2011

There once was a lollipop. It was a rather happy lollipop except it had one problem. It was not very fond of being shut away and wanted to break out of its wrapping and see the world. One day whilst he was enjoying a rather dull yet familiar darkness he felt two chubby fingers grasp around his waist. “I do say!" he thought to himself” what an awfully rude thing to do lifting me up, without out my permission". Having no arms however he decided it would be best not to kick up a fuss and allowed himself to be carried. He heard a creak he had heard before but this time louder and there was some sort of ringing noise and a new rushing sensation around his stick. "Ooh well that doesn't feel entirely unpleasant, I should like to try more of this at sometime in the near future" he said in lollipop, which unfortunately the man child holding him was unable to understand. The man child grabbed the cover surrounding his head and started pulling, With a little shiver the lollipop shaked the cover loose, slightly startled by the invasion of personal space without proper introduction. What he saw next however amazed him. Colour. Colour vibrant colours from blue to red then back again rainbows, shades, shadows and colours. The lollipop looked around his new beautiful environment and thought to himself "well that was over rated" and quickly instructed the man child to eat him which it happily did.


theres a satalite watching you right now,

waiting you to take you last lonely bow

so they can tell the rest of the world you're gone,

another poor soul who bought into their con


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i will not be a robot for you to control

i will not sell you my dignity or soul

i will not greet you if i see you on the street

i will not shut up, sit down and take a seat

i will not...

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when i was 8 i was told i was told i would be the best,
reinforced by every grade on every test
i was made to do tests for those who were older,
their expectations of me got wilder...
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freddyblue May 16, 2011

dark arms grasp at your feet,

forever running, and never to sleep

colours turn to a darker hughe

memorys pop up for you to review

you toss and turn and flip the pillow,

watching dim...

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