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Matthew used to think love was as easy as 3.14159, but Linda was rapidly proving him wrong. He loved Linda, sure, just like he loved his dog Einstein, but he loved mathematics the most. Linda was a woman he met through his parents, and as of three(3) months ago, his wife. Einstein was a mutt he found at the animal shelter four(4) years ago, and also his best friend.

But math, math was something inherently part of him from the day he was born (5/6/78), math was found in his name and etched in the lines on his palms. Math was in the shapes around him, in the vectors he travelled from point A to point B. Math was even in Linda’s face, for it was near perfect according to the Golden Ratio (1.61803), and the moment his mother, desperate to find him a wife, introduced to him a woman with a completely symmetrical face, he knew she was The One(1).

Einstein had learned to respect his love for math, and even stayed by his side as a steadfast companion through long nights filled with tedious derivations. Linda was different though, because she was a woman and he soon realized, after countless failed math pickup lines and proposals in binary code, that math and science, while they were vital in understanding how the world worked, were absolutely useless when it came to the Study of a Woman's Heart.

Linda's heart, he knew, was just like his own in that it was composed of four(4) chambers, two(2) ventricles and two(2) atria, and it pumped blood to the rest of the body in a periodic cycle of contractions. On average, Linda’s heart beat at a rate of seventy(70) bpm, which meant that in one(1)...

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let's play pretend
until the end, 
whenever that will be.

we'll dress in gowns 
and dance around 
and jump into the sea.

we'll float and fly 
straight through the sky 
in our hot air balloon,

and then we'll race 
to outer space 
and steal ourselves the moon.

let's make believe 
and never leave 
our own fantasy land.

we'll sing love songs 
forever long, 
now wouldn't that be grand?

and even though 
inside we'll know 
nothing is as it seems,

as long as we're 
together here, 
who needs reality?

sang my lyrics over wirrow/gwen's amazing song. um... i hope this isn't terrible. <3 be sure to check out metaphorest's song for these lyrics (resourced) - it's the cheerful version. this is the melancholy version...

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the breakup (Q.E.D.)
fractaldust Released May 14, 2011

my most ambitious REmix to date, to illustrate the breakup scene from A Mathematician's Approach to Love ( if the link doesn't work)... my goal was to make a realistic 3D composite image using 30+ image REsources. did i succeed?

for background info, please check out the story! (link above and in resources)

some of the stock photos i used were self-taken; if you can't find them in the REsources and would like me to upload them for further REmixes (i.e. the desk, the light, the math books), please let me know.

many thanks to all of the incredible artists/photographers whose work i used!

& if you are curious about the process, or where certain REsources appear in the image (it's hard to find some of them), feel free to ask away! : D

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the hitREfractal
fractaldust Released Nov 27, 2010
this is quite possibly the most horrifically nerdy thing ever in creation, but here goes - layla pointed out to me that RECords, LIKE FRACTALS, are methods of REpetition, so of course I just HAD to make a hitRECord fractal. but then Joe mentioned liking phi (the second-best number ever!) so I made this spiral approximate the Golden Spiral using phi (= 1.618033...) and a Golden RECtangle I constructed from scratch. I also copy-pasted and rescaled each and every one of those little RECords, no joke. I may be permanently cross-eyed now, but I hope you guys like it :)
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What does it mean to be rational?

Fact: Two rational numbers can never be adjacent, as you will always find an irrational number between them.

Proposition: Two rational people can never be together, as you will always find something irrational separating them.

(So let's be completely irrational together, you and I.)
REsurrection Tree
fractaldust Released Oct 19, 2010

People are put into the ground when they die.

Seeds are put into the ground to be born again.

^ the tiny story I wrote earlier

I had this idea that when the heart stops beating, it is planted into the ground like a seed to bring forth more life even after death. Let's keep our loved ones alive, again by heart -- RECord, RECord, RECord. <3

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"You're too complex," said Pi.

"Don't be irrational," said i.

"Come on guys, be positive!" said 22/7.

"Oh look," said i grumpily, "the voice of reason."

"I can't help that I'm rational," said 22/7.

"And i only wishes he could be positive," said Pi.

"Excuse me?" said i.

"You'd have to square yourself to be truly positive."

"Well look who's being a Negative Nancy," said -12, amused.

"You're one to talk," said 1 and Pi simultaneously.

"I feel like I'm looking in the mirror," said Pi, staring at 1.

"So what's the problem?" said 1.

"Pi wants to break up with me," said i.

"Why?" said 1.

"He says it's my personality," said i, "but I'm pretty sure he's got his eye on infinity."

"Don't we all," said 22/7 with a sigh.

"Pi's being ridiculous," said i, "Why would he want to end things with me?"

"Well, you can't blame him," said e. "You aren't real, after all."

"Oh my, look who's finally awake!" said i with a snort. "e, you've been sleeping like a log all day."

"Shut up," said e. "I need my beauty sleep."

"So do I," said Phi, yawning from the corner.

"No you don't!" said e. "You look positively golden today, darling."

"What about me?" said Zero.

"Did you hear that?" said i. "It sounded like the wind."

"You probably imagined it like you do everything else," said Pi. "I'm pretty sure it was nothing."
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-- it rolls. Down, down, down, crushing the dead earth in its path until it finally settles at the bottom of the steep mountain.

He feels defeated, crushed. Somewhere, the gods are mocking him and he knows it. His life has really come down to this. But what is this, but a duty assigned specifically to him? Perhaps it is of some cosmic importance, or at least he tries to think it is.

He trudges down the side of the mountain, stopping when he reaches the boulder at the bottom. It is a large sphere of solid rock, nearly six times his size. As he puts his palms against its cold surface, he wonders idly if this time will be the last.

With a deep breath, he begins to roll it, up, up, up the mountainside, over the flattened, lifeless grass and the sticks and the stones. Halfway up the slope, he stops, his muscles screaming in pain from over-exertion. He wants to give up. He wants to rest.

But this is his responsibility. This is his calling. Some would call it his burden, but no-- it isn't a burden, it can't be. Despite the pain and suffering, he knows this is his rock. This is his fate, and his only, to create. He chooses to push this heavy weight up the mountain because he wants to, because it is what he was meant to do. He tells himself these things as he keeps rolling it up, past the rough patches of land until he gets to the very top.

It is done. Finally, he has brought it to the mountain's peak. He leaves it there and brushes the sweat from his forehead. His legs give out and he falls to the ground, panting. His entire body aches, but he smiles all the same. He has succeeded.


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the RECord garden
fractaldust Released Nov 13, 2010
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bird songs
fractaldust Released Dec 27, 2010
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twenty eleven
fractaldust Released Dec 30, 2010

dear hitRECord,

i wish you all a very happy, safe, and healthy new year. may twenty ELEVEN bring you nothing but genuine smiles and happiness. <3

thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this community. i'm proud to say it has made me a significantly happier and more confident person. it is magical. WE are magical. i cannot say thank you enough, but here goes: THANK YOU, again, by heart.

xo, dusty.

p.s. apologies to the city of chicago for butchering your skyline...

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