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a natural follow-up to our Patterns episode -- what about the things that have no pattern? the truly chaotic, the unpredictable, the volatile, the impulsive, the reckless, the crazy, the insane... chaos is something that rules our lives in an interesting way -- mathematically, physically, emotionally, etc.

some ideas on what to include:

- a conversation with a meteorologist about chaos and weather forecasting. (there's actually a whole dept of my math school specifically for Atmosphere/Ocean Science!)

- fractals!!!!!!!!!! i'm not biased or anything. somehow they can be chaotic constructions with seemingly observable patterns.

- order vs. chaos -- something that connects both? though i suppose the Joker's chaos quote in The Dark Knight is hard to top :P i'm resourcing something i wrote once about patterns vs. chaos, called "A Study in Chaos." please give it a read if you're interested! it involves butterflies flapping wings...

- Lorenz effect! maybe this can be the "bigger picture" of the meteorologist bit. the Lorenz effect is something that really helps me see the big picture in my day-to-day life. obviously, it's something very mathematical and most useful to weather forecasting, but i like to interpret it in my own way -- that life is unpredictable, and delaying your actions by a millisecond may completely change your outcome! that's why i try not to get freaked out when i feel like i'm not in control -- no one is ever in control! there are forces at work that none of us can do anything about. it's chaos! it's life.

- i'm really passionate about this can you tell??? this isn't even a bulletpoint.

i'm happy to talk more about the math behind chaos theory and fractals if anyone is interested! but just a warning, it'll probably be a 60 minute video, 47 minutes of which will consist of me crying into a pillow over how deeply moved i am by this area of math. (i suppose i can edit it and cut out all the crying bits...)



REPORTER: Jimmy Lanson called into the station today to tell us he has a PARADOX to show us.

JIMMY: That's right! Come on inside.

REPORTER: So can you tell us about how you found this paradox?

JIMMY: Yes! I was walking by the lake and I stumbled upon this paradox -- it's just inside this room! Here we are.

REPORTER: What's that smell? Oh--

JIMMY: Yep, this here is Stewie and the other one's Chester.

REPORTER: Sir... these are two ducks.

JIMMY: Yes, exactly.



(it's a pair o' ducks! *ba dum chhhh*)

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photo by jay-9 <3

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(a.k.a. RegularJOE lied about math, AGAIN!! :P)


- ANYONE CAN UNDERSTAND THIS VIDEO!!!! Don't be intimidated by math!! It's written into your DNA <3

- There was a line in Joe's RE:Patterns monologue that was... not right. In this, I explain why.

- It seems people think the golden spiral is all over nature... this is WRONG! What you're actually seeing are LOGARITHMIC SPIRALS!

- Do you wanna be a phi fangirl? Or a Fibonacci fangirl? That's ok! I'll tell you why you should be...

- But most importantly, you should fangirl LOGARITHMIC SPIRALS! and the constant e=2.71828...

- For some reason, the audio may veer off course towards the end... I hope this isn't too upsetting! I can try reuploading if needed. x

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there is so much beauty to behold,

and so much beauty to be held.



(something i thought while reading a math paper today. this thought partly fuels my starry-eyed love of fractals and patterns -- you can witness them on a large scale from faraway, but also hold them intimately in your hands. remarkable.)

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i made this a year ago when RE:MONEY was proposed as a theme, and somehow never uploaded it. love this haiku from stainedraincoats <3

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the pressure that comes from within
is something i could do without.

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this wise little guy has been gathering pixel dust on my harddrive for long enough...

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i also have a bigger (1280x800) version, let me know if you want it & i'll happily upload! x

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i found my car covered in fractals this morning. 7am has never looked so amazing. <3

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dear Jennifer,

sorry to keep you waiting till the last minute like the world's worst Secret Santa, but i hope this makes you smile! the second i saw this beautiful photo you took, i knew i wanted to do something with it. initially, i was hoping for something deep and meaningful, but then i thought to myself "everyone loves cats! because CATS!" and this happened.

wishing you the happiest holiday season! hope it's filled with love and warmth.

with love,

your Secret Santa o<:D

(p.s. this is animated, but if for some reason it isn't working, you can also view it here:

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