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far-eviler Released Nov 25, 2010


the world isn't a sphere
it isn't a bubble
capturing + reflecting
the prismed life

(or, that is to say
it isn't
just that)

it IS a chamber of chaos
a creature creationed of
perfected imbalance.

it is where
birth + death
amounts in true
measure, not a wasted
experience of

In the beginning;
before sound or science

  •  there is Heat

  •  there is Breath

  •  there is Flow

They dance for "Dominance".

but more significantly,
they danced!

they would encircle + rise
they would climb fast + sway low
there was no love
there was no hate
there was only the chemical
power of promise


One Day or Night or in that far
/ near place that's everywhen,
Breath, came to be, Air
sliced + suffered the concept--
"I Am Best"

the thought grew so heavy
so she plummeted
from the heavens

and so it was 'Love' coupled
w/suffering that caused the
first to fall.


Flow, that came to be,
Water, caught hold +
adored her

Heat, that came to be,
Fire, coveted +
controlled her

so Air, made full
w/artless affection
+ greedy attrition,
birthed "The Earth"

 . . . . therein they share one another
emanating life = meaning . . . . 

in Hi-Def Technicolor Surround Sound

  • of chaos

  • of love

  • of bliss

  • of hate

  • of sanctity

  • of empathy

  • of folly

  • of grace

  • of every shade of "Being"

to breath
to flow
to burn,
always, in every s'elf

(and that is
how every
came to be.)

 ---written in March 6, 2007 REformated for because I think maybe it was always meant to be here

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