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Over the past couple weeks Sojushots and I have been working on this.  I hope you enjoy.  Also wouldn't have happened without ppeppina and Jeff Peff for the music, thank you.  I can't wait to hear the full orchestration.


So here's the final version of Iterations.  I hope you like it.

Again Thank you Mirtle and Sophierumi for all their wonderful artwork and characters.

Thank you Metaphorest for your beautiful song, and thanks Mr. J, or Mr. ROBO...or ROBO_J whatever he prefers for the final final mix.

If I miss any resources let me know.

If you want to watch it in HD then download it.



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Ok so here's the Anglerpod Votes. A short film for the Morgan Spurlock vote video Collab. So for the past 2.5 weeks I've been working evenings and weekends on this to get it done on time. Yes corners were cut, imperfections were left unperfected, and I wasn't able to get any sound effects in, but over all I'm happy with the result.

Thanks everyone who's records I used in the making of this. If I missed you in the resources, let me know and I'll be sure to remedy it.

Finally, I was trying and trying to find a way to make a tribute for Burning Dan with this, and all I could think of was to use "A mini-Concert For Dan" for the final sequence and to dedicate the video to him. Hopefully this video "Burns on" in memory of him.

As always, feedback is welcome, Remixes encouraged, and if there's anything that bothers you, let me know and I'll be sure to fix the problem in my next record.

Have a lovely Day
Andrei Feheregyhazi
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So I made a collab for this here
So I was working on the script for this a few weeks ago, and was planning on sending it on to some festivals...Then I came upon this site and fell in love with it. Also I found May McDonough's amazing song "Riverside". Then I continued writing with the song in mind and it evolved into something much more interesting and the piece you see before you now. So now instead of sending it to film festivals I give it to you, the HitRECord community to do with as you please.

Andrei Feheregyhazi

So REcut, REmix, REwrite, REvoice...Well do what this site is all about. Also if you want the opening scene without the text just let me know and I'll render that out and upload that separate.
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So this is an older one, but I thought it would work for the fake histories collaboration.

The story came to fruition from a conversation I had with Brigid Ward. The Writer and Voice for the film. She was talking about her Bicycle Eugene as if he were a person, and I said we need to make this into a film...So we did. After a few editorial changes from me, and a few tidbits from her sister Caitlin we had a narration. I feel her voice is perfectly suited to the story, but feel free to take a stab at it as well.

The music was masterfully composed by Dean Summach/Economincs on this site. (Appologies for spelling your name wrong in the credits Dean) I told him what I was looking for and he made something better...the way any good collab should work, anyway a few tweaks for pacing of the film and we were off. I can't thank him enough, and now that he's on this site as well, you can all take advantage of his musical skills.

Appologies for the crazy long ramblings for this piece, I know you expect a payoff after making it through all that, but alas the only payoff I can give you is the film itself...which you can watch without reading this.

Have a lovely arbitrary unit of time
Andrei Feheregyhazi
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Dear everyone, I hope this finds you in good spirites. I just wated to mention that this piece is 100% for the community and if there's anything you'd like to see added or are interested in doing some sound effects please get your suggestions and additions to me over the next couple days...Today is sept 27th. and I will add them to the piece for the REMIX...also remixes are welcome too.
For Example: the sound of the words being pushed across the floor, the sound of the zeplin...perhaps even everyone making different crowd noises and them being mixed together so that it feels like the whole HitRECord community is there would be quite wonderful.

One final thing that will end this overly wordy request is
1. if everyone could chime in with the refrain at the end of the song...and
2. If Metaphorest would be so kind as to mix them in for a community based chorus of
"I hit record
cos I'm bored
or if I wanna be
more than a piece of dust
before I start to rust
I'm gonna hit record "
So at the time of starting the upload I'm 2952 records late, but I thought that 100,000 records was worth Celebrating so I made a little something that took alot longer than I thought it would to mark the occasion. It's a little long but I hope you enjoy.

Also if anyone wants to do something with the footage I could upload the raw footage...There's actually a fair bit I didn't use.
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Soooo. This was my first attempt with green screen from back in January. Alas I didn't know about this site back then. The story here is a girls Imagination kicks her in the face and thus a chase ensues. I was never overly happy with the story or where it went. So what I would really like to see if people are interested, narration, sound effects, rearranging the scenes...also if you need the Raw scenes, just let me know and I'll upload a zip file with all of them.

The song is by a friend of mine, Dean Summach/Economics who gave me permission to upload it...I think I've convinced him to join up so if you want to have more of his stuff on here then comment and I think we can convince him to put more up.

Well Enjoy

Andrei Feheregyhazi
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Sorry, I seem to have left out some important details when I made the video.  I'm actually looking to build a film from the ground up on this. By all means remix the visuals I've placed in the video, but also I would love it if you wrote stories, or came up with ideas completely unrelated to the visuals themselves. these were more just to show what's possible as a final piece...although I'm sure together we can achieve something well beyond this. 

If you want to see the full videos for more of an idea of what's possible they're located


and Here:

I only have what I have because I only have sign off from certain actors to use their likeness here on HitRECord so we'll just have to create some more visuals for everyone to use together

Oh and the Collaboration is right here

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