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CALLING ALL ILLUSTRATORS! We're working with Zucherman, who will be the Resident Animator of "Adieu," and we've got a really unique request for Illustrators to trace over some images so we can identify members of the community to do frame-by-frame tracing for this Short Film for our TV Show. CONTRIBUTE HERE


ILLUSTRATORS: Trace over ONE OF THESE IMAGES & contribute your illustration to the collaboration. This can be any illustrative style you'd like, but it should be relatively simple & a style that could be easily replicated dozens & dozens of times - WATCH ANIMATED "LOOPER" TRAILER HERE as a reference.


NOTE: The deadline for this request is MONDAY 9/9. Please be aware that there will be a time commitment involved once picture is locked on this Short Film. The next stage of this production will be to divide up the frames of the Cut & assign a manageable amount of frames to particular members of the community to trace frame-by-frame.


I'm really excited to see what you come up with for this!

Thanks again <3


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Among the stars, there's me.

by Verunei
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Amber challenged me to make another Monster's remix, so I decide to make something different, I hope you all like this, especially Amber, I made the monster's family tree, with my favorite characters!!!

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     Henri never really quite fit in with the rest of the monsters. While most of his classmates showed up for picture day with their meanest, scariest face, Henri could not help but crack a large toothy smile. Where most monsters would roar and bellow, Henri said things like “Awesome!” and “Gnarly!” His teachers described him as “peculiar” at best, and “a most troublesome case” at worst.      

     Instead of eating small children like most monster’s his age, Henri enjoyed a strange and wildly bizarre food known as “potato chips.” For leisure he enjoyed the equally strange past time of “skateboarding.” 

     His parents, ever loving and supportive, accepted Henri’s odd behavior as youthful misguidance and furtively believed that one day it would pass. The neighbors however cautioned their children to avoid “that boy” at all cost as there was something disturbingly wrong with “that one.”     

     All Henri wanted to do in the end was have fun.

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Before there was Clint Eastwood & Invisible Obama, there was Joe and God...


Animations by AW CLIFT

Song & Dance by REGULARJOE

Contributions by You Guys


****JAZZ HANDS****

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I've tighted up and improved the animation as well as taken out the live action part just after the slap. I've included the first of many backgroung characters I hope to put in. There are so many awesome ones already on the site. 

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This one was a toughy as there were lots of awesome designs for Edison and his workshop. I think these 2 designs work well with eachother. I also went with this workshop in the end because of the awesome progression the design made from a simple line drawing to a fall coloured piece. The perspectives are really good as well, it was easy for me to cut up in Photoshop and turn into a 3D room in after effects. 

As with Joe meets God, I'll be putting in more backgrounds characters while they talk in the field, I just wanted to get this up on the site like the others. 

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I've been making things move and playing around with different designs. This combination of designs seem to work at the moment. The background seems a little bare, more background characters would be cool to fill it up. The animation for Joe will be tightened a little, especially in the "hipster friend" part. It's compressed and made small, but I just wanted to get something moving up on the site for people to see and make suggestions, comments etc. I also played around with the idea of seeing Joe's live action spin around when God slaps him. Cheers!

PS. For some reason it's added one about 40 secs of blankness, I'm not sure why it did this.  

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Thought I'd post up a screenshot from the animation I've started. It's not finished and more stuff will go into the background, including characters. I'm also working on the lighting. I've used this caveman but Comments are welcome of course. Facelesscow's Buffalo Portrait was an influence for the composition for the shot. (What is that sabertooth tiger up to?!) :D

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Cave painting version of Buffalo .png

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Cave with buffalo painting done by CaptClare (the cave woman?) :)

Took quite some while to render the texture and art so that they looked 'integrated' rather than sticking out like sorethumb. Hope this works.

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Added some set dressing.

by Mallory
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