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new reel! this is the 100% recordable and remixable version, so have at. I'm too burnt out to do all of the citations right now, but I promise I will soon. Update: getting there with the citations that are doable on hitrecord, will list additional stuff and breakdowns soon. Still some more to add though...


more minimal sound mix plus two options, one with a typographic element and one with out. and oh yeah, you guessed it, finally getting to this as part of my reel prep. Still Hisa's very nice voice :). No score and more minimal sound in this version, to allow for further remixing.

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for increased usability and remixability!



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Full view for full q. go's to the entire rough mix but my favorite moment is the 00:02:01:10 to 00:02:13:05.


This animation culminates some of the experiments I've been doing so far and is driven by (and syncs to) the rough mix jeff made. The sound is weird and distorty at time because of the way the animation was made (I deconstructed jeff's mix into "audio driver stems" which are 8 distorted tracks (limiting or eliminating some frequencies and sounds in some stems, ampllifying and filtering sounds frequencies and sounds in others). I designed them not for the sound they would make, but for the animation they would generate when plugged into different algorithms and effects drivers in after effects. Than, I did so key framing and polishing in there.

I chose to leave in all 8 distorted stem tracks to help illustrate how it was made (I'll upload them separately if people want to use them to drive their own animations) and because I actually found some of the distortions cool in a gritted and grinded way.

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I wanted to show you all how 100% handdrawn the poster remix is coming along!

will try to do full citations later (down load for full quality) but here's a pre sundance update on the state of the hand drawn hand made on the internet poster. I'm hoping to finish the whole thing (which will have quite a bit more) in time for the premiere, but I think that might be a stretch. Also, I hope it's alright that I drew in the actual sundance laurels.


 the color overlay thing is just to give the incomplete version a "look".

one of the more irritating parts of this so far? having to draw the pivot logo free hand. I couldn't find a large enough image to trace.

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Hisa and I made another tiny film! And this time it's so tiny, it's so interstitial, that it's even parenthetical!

Co-directed by me and hisa

drawn and read by hisa

animated by me

Written by a still life

drawing based on the photo "flaming heart" by Tanya Mar

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Okay, say it with me, folks: ALL PREVIOUS CITATIONS APPLY!


I'm sorry, I just cannot spare the time to do them right right now.

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I was inspired when I saw metaphorest's photo remix of all her dresses, so I asked for the masters so I could make something like this. 


tried to give variety in branding and feel with animation and music. V1 has a section of a song called Fred Astaire by the Awesome Lucy and The Popsonics (Fernanda_Popsonic) Some Killer Brazillian Rockers who just joined up a couple of weeks ago. V2 and 3 have sections of Ppeppina's Trash remix with different ammounts of branding, and V4 has minimal effects, no sound, and is extended a little for remixing.


download for full quality


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This is a 1080p cut of all the footage that Zach (Zucherman) and I took on my timelapse cameras at the TROUBADOUR! Huge props and credit to Zach for both helping me set up and shoot the cameras and get them to places that I couldn't (physically and/or logistically, due to not being able to get a VIP or Crew Pass like I did at the Orpheum) get them! Also Huge Thanks to MattConley and Ohhaimarc for helping me figure out where I could set up the cameras down in the pit, and for letting me do so.

The zip with the masters for this will be going up soon, too! at least one, maybe more they be big!

I'll be uploading the rest of my troubadour footage as soon as I can. Here is a brief list of people I know are recognizeable (and not previously noted and credited) in the Video:









And I know there are more! let me know if you're not here!


1080p! h264! 23.976! 

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Now blasting sounds into your ear holes! This is most likely the final version, I think. I don't have time to do the citations all perfect like, but here we go none the less. I tried, though.

Now, two last things: video uploader, I know we've had our differences of late, but let this one go up clean and all is forgiven. Fail, however, causing me to have to try and cite 300+ records again, and nothing will be forgiven, everWell done, video uploader, now you get to continue to exist on the mortal plane.

 And lastly: REMIX ALL THE THINGS!!!

Now that I know it's up for sure, two more things:

•I think it would be awesome if people cut in audio and footage of themselves saying "are we recording" and "hitrecord" to rhythm with the mix to create an expanded lyrical remix, also, statements about recording, duplicating, and patterns to the same effect. As such, I'm adding this to the "Are We Recording?" collab.

•Please let me know if I missed you in the resources. Also, sorry for possibly monopolizing your remix or rec feed today.


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1080p, h264, 23.976, full credits (I'm planning on posting it to my vimeo page because I like how it came out, and I always do full credits when I do that).  


I can upload a no credits version, but not now. later. I so didn't have time to do this today! >_< 

I ended up being really inspired by the fact that my earlier versions reminded me of Portuguese mosaic sidewalks and Portuguese and Spanish Azulejo (painted tiles) Also, it's not entirely D'Noir. ;o)


Programs: Adobe AE CS5, zbrush 4r4, Silk (

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For an animated 1 to 2 minute short I'm making for RE: Patterns, A sort of animated testimonial and motion graphics short about culture patterns and mutations through the lens of DNA (script and raw audio and testimonial), and how the changes an permutation in the art and ideas of culture lead to excellent work and new places, despite, or perhaps because, of the repitition. 

The short will be a loop, with parts of this graphic appearing at both the beginning and end.

Can also be a general Patterns bumper.

1080p h264 23.976 FPS

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