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added my mix of regularjoe's song to marielv's animation

still not sure if i'm doing this right
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this is the rough audio (and a crappy still) for what i want to turn into an animated short. it can be animated in a very basic way, as in sealab type people with just their mouths moving on their bodies sliding around for movement. i'll clean it up and work with anyone if they want to spend time on it.

story: in a club. nerd and hot girl are sitting at bar. nerd is trying to pickup hot girl. he is failing. tough guy walks in and sits down. hot girl notices tough guy's tattoo. they start talking about being at one with the universe. hot girl goes to the ladies room. just nerd and tough guy are sitting there. tough guy goes off to follow waitress. british waiter spills a glass of water on nerds food. girl comes back. looks around for tough guy. puts on some lipstick. tough guy returns and ihis eyes are flashing and he's shooting lighting bolts out of his upraised hands. he might be possessed. girl finds it a turn on.

based on a true story. unfortunately.

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