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Sometimes I feel so lost in my inner world. This happens quite frequently as I don't seem to be able to achieve my goals, my dreams no matter what I do or what I change.
This picture represents that to a certain degree. It was taken near where I live in a foggy day. And I just love walking in the fog. It's liberating. I almost feel like i bring the stuff of my inner world to reality and make it come true.
So if you want to collaborate, I'd be very thankful, being my first RECord and all. A nice… Read More
It's wonderful the effect the lights produce in a foggy night...
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I believe this picture of a well in Sintra, Portugal, represents the idea of dreaming, of how we suddenly get so immersed in dreams and for that moment live and feel a different "reality".
And since it's a spiral it can represent recurrent dreams
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Gold shining beneath the sunlight
Silver glowing in the morning dew
Giggle like a nightingale’s song echoing in the night
A white dove’s feather among hundreds of crows
Glance as intense as the full moon’s light
A storyteller who’s got me captive as a mesmerised child by an enchanted fairytale
A shining star that guides my heart through the darkness
The smooth touch of the Milky Way’s silk
Butterfly wings with their eternal melody
Soul like a honey-flavored river
The deepest dream of the highest angel
Something so different that rises within me
A symphony of ten thousand instruments in glee
The pleasure of watching the sunrise in the Antarctic pole
The taste of milk chocolate melting in the mouth
A stream of fresh water after a long journey through the desert

That's the feeling of love...
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I don't know at all how I fisrt came to be in this place but it seems I've been wandering this barren and cold land for ages.
Firstly the cold penetrated my bones so deeply it felt they would shatter at any time. They didn't.
The cold was so intense I couldn't feel anything else. All my other senses were paralysed. I couldn't see or hear anything distinguishably. Though I vaguely remember a gust of wind coming from the North.
I walked alone through Winterland, a smooth infinite carpet of pure white snow, and I felt naked.
As time went by I stopped feeling cold. I simply became numb. Nothing mattered. I wouldn't leave the place anyway, so...
I looked around finally taking in the surroundings despite not being able to get sensations out of it. Snow, whiteness everywhere and not as much as a simple grass.
Always striding ahead I realised there was a bunch of withering trees some miles across to the right. Their gnarled branches were entangled in each other's. The trees were leafless but their branches were so many and so thick that they looked as if covered with dark and rigid iron bushes.
I made my way to the trees ans there was nothing around to my disappointment but not surprise. No movement, no life, no joy...
Past turned to present and I finally turn my back to the withering trees and look ahead once more. Once again there's nothing on sight not even an outcropping or anything that might stir up the environment a little bit.
Now I truly know it's going to be extremely hard to get out of this place. If only only I knew how I first got here...
A new gust of strong wind pushes me in the opposite direction but I remain resilient, making my way slowly through Winterland, all alone, senses numb, more snow beyond.
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Finally a collabaration to which I can try to contribute with a little VO Lovely! As soon as I was aware of "The traveller" I put my crazy voice to work and here is the result ... I hope you enjoy

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Finally a collabaration to which I can try to contribute with a little VO Lovely! As soon as I was aware of "The traveller" I put my crazy voice to work and here is the result ... I hope you enjoy

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Finally a collabaration to which I can try to contribute with a little VO Lovely! As soon as I was aware of "The traveller" I put my crazy voice to work and here is the result ... I hope you enjoy

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VO by Vanda Painha

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VO by Vanda Painha

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I was happy I arrived early at the unsuspected battle site
and truly hoping I would feel the beauty of the light.
But from the start one could perceive the evil energy around...
Mindless peolple, cruel hearts, pushing and yelling with vile sound.

No respect, no dignity, no kindness. Only destruction.
These people's evil way tolerates no obstruction.

And here I am among a growing sea of beasts turned into foes,
thinking of a means to fight back any future blows.
Little by little the powerful sun starts striking with all its might.
The heart dries my throat and burns my skin, ever blazing and bright.

I take the opportunity to grab a bite as cries of war increase in despair.
Now I'm sure a battle will occur. No escape from the nightmare...

However, I manage to keep a little bit of hope kindled within
even when the last chance to rest is stolen, leaving little room to win.
Right before the beginnig of the dreadful race for glory
all traces of humanity vanish. Greed rules, no place for sorry.

But even when a tremendous roar echoes through the dry air
I don't quite believe in a result that will prove to be unfair.

A plea for civility is made as adrenaline pumps through the veins.
It's when the tru nature of the beasts is unleashed from its loose restraints
I realise what could be a sweet experience will for sure leave blood stains.

An unexplainable thrust from behind pushes me until I can't move.
Squashed against steel, I try to resist when victims fall with nothing to prove.

As an excruciating pain spreads across my whole body
I do my best to escape the grip of people more wicked than naughty.

This is it. The first lap of survival's final race.
I set my mind to sprint but pain is clearly shown on my face.
The heat took its toll causing my lungs to ache as I gasp for air
and although I force my legs to move I seem to go nowhere.

I strive not to fall as they surpass me down the irregular slope
and when I finally arrive I allow myself to feel a bit of hope.
After such drudgery and sacrifice there's bound to be some compensation.
Amidst the chaos and inhumanity there must be a righteous way to salvation.

But no sooner had a little faith managed to kindle then it simply got put out and destroyed.
The beasts have not finished and so they start pushing hard till my mind almost falters to the void.
The whole crowd of beasts acts single-minded against a lonely me,
they all conspire to crush and kill the odd one out for a mere whimful glee.

Still, the vicious creatures can't tear apart my body although they keep breaking my will
until finally a bubble of sadness burst into despair I can no longer conceal.

So close and yet so far. The raging wave of cruelty finally swepts me away
and I arrive on a distant shore, broken hearted and consumed by infinite dismay. So close and yet so far...

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What a truly and utterly grey world she lives in
where there's no memory of warmth or honest grin.

She doesn't get access to colours though they're all around her
and truth be told many years ago she gave up escaping the merciless blur.

Lingering in a timeless void, she can't reach the sun's yellow heat.
Maybe in the future the black ashes of sorrow won't make her feel so incomplete.

Watching over the balcony her bleak and immense world,
one certainty is carved deep in the heart: "pink hates this girl".

And not even a little red is attainable every once in a while
to, at least, allow her to peek onto the real world and feel a bit alive.

Names and memories mix and then slowly fade away.
Time and space become one and nothing more than grey.

Not even the ocean or the waves present her with some freshness.
No wind or fog is available to pierce the general lack of presence.

Although much time might have passed nothing has happened.

One thing she holds on to that keeps her eyes dampened:
a vague reminiscence (or imagination) of the colour green on trees that don't exist.

However it's a mere fleeting thought, a hope that can't resist the omnipresent mist.

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