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Img_0474 elikavandagreen Released Sep 14, 2010
Sometimes I feel so lost in my inner world. This happens quite frequently as I don't seem to be able to achieve my goals, my dreams no matter what I do or what I change.
This picture represents that to a certain degree. It was taken near where I live in a foggy day. And I just love walking in the fog. It's liberating. I almost feel like i bring the stuff of my inner world to reality and make it come true.
So if you want to collaborate, I'd be very thankful, being my first RECord and all. A nice…
Gold shining beneath the sunlight
Silver glowing in the morning dew
Giggle like a nightingale’s song echoing in the night
A white dove’s feather among hundreds of crows
Glance as...
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I don't know at all how I fisrt came to be in this place but it seems I've been wandering this barren and cold land for ages.
Firstly the cold penetrated my bones so deeply it felt...
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I was happy I arrived early at the unsuspected battle site
and truly hoping I would feel the beauty of the light.
But from the start one could perceive the evil energy around...

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What a truly and utterly grey world she lives in
where there's no memory of warmth or honest grin.

She doesn't get access to colours though they're all around her
and truth be told...

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