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The Family Band got together again recently for another jam. We had a grand old time carryin on and makin all kinds of funny, wonderful sounds. Richie didn't feel like playing an instrument or singing, but he was there to cheer us on and kept nodding his head in approval repeating "Good for you." Yep, kickin out the jams is good for you! Dee was on hand as mic checker, making sure all our sound equipment was workin OK. Thanks, Dee!

Note: This jam contains non-copyrighted whistling : )
Here's a revised remix of the Family Band Beginnin' Jam that I originally posted on 2-07-2010. Please delete the old version here It was brought to my attention that one of the "whistling" files I remixed is a copyrighted melody by Bernard Hermann from the film "Twisted Nerve." My apologies for the inconvenience.

A few of the Family Band members got together for a "welcome to the group" jam this weekend. It was great jamming with y'all! The contributors to this RECording included:

InkedCanvas (whistling and lip rolling)
mushr (spaghetti slurpin')
echolalianova (theremin)

We've still got plenty of room for new members so let us know what your skills are so we can include you in future jam sessions.

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Track 8 off of my self-released CD "Like Me Like Me" under the artist name Echolalia. This is an improvised moog synth lullaby I played for a good friend when she was visiting from out of town. I added some delay effects to it later to make it sound more dreamy and ethereal and stuff. She lives many miles away from me now, but I've known her since I was 6 years old and she's always been there for support.
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theremin, moog synthesizer, snow, flurries

Track 6 off of my self-released CD "Like Me Like Me" under the artist name Echolalia. I recorded this a few years ago on a snow day when I didn't have to go to work. Basically I layered one theremin track with a moog synth track and mixed them together.
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As a response to The Regularity (#19), I decided to challenge myself a little and pick 10 Random Resources and create a remix out of 'em. I'm kind of a n00b editing video clips, but I've got iMovie on my MAC, so thought I'd give it a shot. The layered voices and music are kind of muffled and muddy, but I kind of like the "subliminal messages" vibe it created - sort of like turning the radio dial trying to tune into a clear signal between all the static.

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Slowed down tape samples of heavy rain and voice put through delay and reverb in Garageband. Oooo, scary!
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contribution to joe desk drum circle

My first experiment for hitRECord project - contribution to joe desk drum circle.
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I was in the mood for experimenting with some odd mysterious sounds and realized when I added some delay and echo effects to Mushr's "spaghetti slurping" record it sounded extra creepy and monster-like. I thought it might sound good with gweninterrupted's breathy, huffing and puffing type vocals on her Voicescapes piece "Squirm Lullaby." This is probably one of my weirdest experiments so far!
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