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by ebp921

Pretty much dreams = chaos v2 but it is quite different. Ill keep tinkering till im happy (Prob never)


This is my first RECord, Iv been a member of this site for some time and enjoy alot of things I see going on.. This is a mash up of some things i really liked and I thought I could put together a visual story. Im so farmiliar with using Final Cut Pro from my film school days and windows movie maker i found really just frustrates me. So if anyone can reccomand a video editing software that functions more like FCP or Sony Vegas / Adobe Premier it would be much appretiated. (Im on a windows box BTW). I know my cutting is abit off im rusty and I could have spent more time with the end but I just really wanted to post something.


So here is my cut of a couple nebulullaby peices + Lucid Dream Girl + The Dead + The Wonderful intro peice xobreexo23 put together and the song 'The Young Girls Song'

This is not nearly perfect but its about how chaotic a dream can be, whats worse then going to bed and having this wonderful dream, that morphs into something awful... Maybe going to bed a woman and waking up a man?

by ebp921
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