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Request List:

  • Animation

    • Animate Tiny Tunes into Short Films
  • Music

    • Take a Tiny Story and make a Tiny Tune
  • Writing

    • Write lyrics for Tiny Tunes
  • Curation

    • Compile an Album of your favorite Tiny Tunes
    • Compile an Album of Tiny Stories that would make great Tiny Tunes
499 Contributions
Eaneikciv-1716704 eaneikciv Released Jul 20, 2011

I've been having so much fun putting my favorite Tiny Stories to music that I thought I'd see if anyone else wants to collaborate. I think it would be fantastic to get a lot of these tiny songs together to have as a resource for short films (tiny films!) or animations. Or maybe they can even spark an idea for a not-so-tiny RECord.

If you have a tiny story that you'd like to see put to music, please suggest it here also!

Thanks for your contributions everyone!


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