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Request List:

  • Animation

    • Animate Tiny Tunes into Short Films
  • Music

    • Take a Tiny Story and make a Tiny Tune
  • Writing

    • Write lyrics for Tiny Tunes
  • Curation

    • Compile an Album of your favorite Tiny Tunes
    • Compile an Album of Tiny Stories that would make great Tiny Tunes
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Eaneikciv-1716704 eaneikciv Released Jul 20, 2011

I've been having so much fun putting my favorite Tiny Stories to music that I thought I'd see if anyone else wants to collaborate. I think it would be fantastic to get a lot of these tiny songs together to have as a resource for short films (tiny films!) or animations. Or maybe they can even spark an idea for a not-so-tiny RECord.

If you have a tiny story that you'd like to see put to music, please suggest it here also!

Thanks for your contributions everyone!

A Windy Song
eaneikciv Released May 21, 2011

I uploaded the stems if anyone needs them!

I left this version really simple, so there's plenty of space for anyone else to add some more instruments or vocals. The chords I used are C, Am7, F and G


The wind came

And blew the trees

Turned the meadow

Into a golden sea

Dandelions flew

One seed at a time

Floating away into the sky

You laid your head

Down next to mine

We watched the circus

Marching across the sky

Dandelions flew

One seed at a time

Floating away into the sky

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eaneikciv Released Jul 29, 2011

My daughter found the party supply stash in my craft cabinet and has been bringing me a new balloon to inflate every couple hours for three days straight. This is the end result. I was planning to just upload the raw footage, but then I realized that the song "Once Upon A Balloon" would be perfect for it! And I've never done stop motion before, so we'll just call this trial and error, but I thought it turned out alright!

fun fact - that's the piano that was used to record this little song!

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so... it's saturday, i'm bored, and this original tune was just begging for a little harmony and snappy fingers.

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night lights
eaneikciv Released Nov 03, 2012

I took nearly 10,000 pictures on our drive from Mississippi to Idaho, and this is a little 1 minute stop motion video of my favorite little bit. I did pretty much everything you shouldn’t do, left the shutter open way too long, without a tripod, while moving, on a bumpy road, but i think the pictures are magical and mesmerizing. i love blurry lights :)

i added amferraro's "flutter" just to get a feel of what it would look like with music, but i was too lazy to cut it to the music. maybe one day, but probably not.

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Stay Away - Tiny Story
eaneikciv Released Apr 18, 2012

I just need some time away

to remember why I stay.

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Yes, We're Sinking
eaneikciv Released Jul 15, 2011

I re-recorded this song last month sometime now that my piano is in tune, but never posted it because I'm still not totally in love with the way it ended up sounding. Anyway, I would love love LOVE for this song to be remixed or even started over from scratch. I tried to pay more attention to my timing and everything this time so it will be easier for anyone that wants to add to it. If you're interested, let me know and I'll upload the stems. I really want to take this song to a whole other world, more voices, more ambient sounds, more more more! I want the "ooo" section to sound heavenly, so if you have any ideas, please share! Chords: Verses: C Am Em C Am Em C Am Em F G Oohs: C Em (a million times) and at the end it's F Em Am then another verse and end in C

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if I lie oh so still
and don't make a sound,
how long would it take
to be part of the ground?

would the earth open wide
and swallow me whole
or slowly surround me
a quilt for the cold

would a blanket of moss 
start to grow at my feet? 
creep over my legs, 
my navel, my cheek.

and delicate blooms 
sprout from my fingertips
another seed falls 
to rest on my lips.

a willow tree grows
from the base of my spine
its weeping limbs hang
with tears that are mine

my tangled hair painted
with green grass and dew
springs rush from my eyes
transforming my view  

STEMS availabe in the results!

Time Signature: 3/4

Tempo: 135

Chords: A minor & C

semi-crappy recording on my ipad using the fake guitar in the garageband app (which i pretty much hate) and my coffee table/trunk as drums. not sure how i really feel about this overall, but i'd love some visuals to go along with the lyrics if anyone's up to it :)

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Tiny Bookmark DIY
eaneikciv Released Apr 11, 2013

...because everyone needs a tiny bookmark for their tiny book of tiny stories!

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STEMS can be found in the results :)

I loved thedustdancestoo's poem "to: a broken-hearted butterfly" that he wrote on tumblr and pretty much begged him to upload it to hitrecord so I could use it to write a song. Half a year later... I finally got around to recording it. (sorry...)

i'd love to have this remixed, maybe add some strings? i'd also love to see this used in a video or animation.

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things, a tiny tune
eaneikciv Released Sep 15, 2011

EDIT: There are a lot of awesome REmixes that take this song to a whole other level, go check them out!

I loved wirrow's "things" tiny story and illustration, so I used it to write another tiny tune. I would love love LOVE to have this remixed, harmonies, instruments (especially where the vocals have just ended) oohs and ahhs, background noises, whatever you feel like doing. If anyone's interested, I could try to get a better recording without so much background noise. And stems. Just lemme know :)

CHORDS are G and B Minor

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JeffPitches mentioned this tiny tune could work as an interstitial, and I immediately thought of Bree's "Tuesday" stop motion film. This could definitely use some better video editing than what i managed to do with a wiggling toddler on my lap, but I thought I'd still upload it as an idea.

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