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...the spaces between movie barcode is exactly as black and white as you expect it to be.

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Political Action's moviebarcode is a very interesting one.

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and still more TV show movie barcodes for the box set. check out this one!

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//EDIT: I thought this could fit the theme RE: Future as well! :)

I'll be honest, I'm not very good at using social media (I don't have instagram or tumblr, rarely go to facebook, never got the hang of twitter and haven't got a clue what reddit is), but I'm very fascinated by this world and the affect it has on people. It for sure brings people closer to each other by giving the possibility to share your life with people from near and far in a second. No matter what the distance, all your friends can be a part of your life and you can be a part of theirs. But if someone shares his food, face, body, feelings, thoughts, dreams, fears, everything with these 500-1000 facebook friends, I can't help but ask, is anything private anymore? Where does the line go between too much and just enough? What is the affect of having practically no privacy? I'm also fascinated by the fact that strangely while bringing people closer to each other than ever before, social media might also pull some people away from each other. Instead of a phone call or an invite for a dinner, one might just settle for commenting on a picture or liking a status. It's super interesting and (to me at least) in some ways a bit scary too, like how far are we willing to go with this?

So because music is how I function, I wrote this silly song about the subject. And now I just found a theme suggestion RE: Privacy, so why not upload it here! To be honest I just realized I haven't uploaded anything here in three months (been super busy studying, aaand going to graduate this spring!!!), so it's about time to get back on RECording, I'm super happy to share this one with you guys!! Feel free to REmix, play along, sing along, and of course,

Enjoy <3


Some might call it a cage

But I call them blind who just can’t see

That here the world is my stage

I am the king, everyone likes and follows me


Yeah haters, you can wipe away the frown

I only log in to this world because I care

So lights off, curtains down

Can’t you see I’m trying to interact and share?


No you don’t need to call

Just check my status and you know how do I do

No I don’t need a hug,

Just like my profile pic and I will like you


What is privacy?

What do you mean?

Of course everybody needs to know

All about my weirdest sex dreams


I must share my lasagna

On twitter tumblr instagram & facebook




Yes sir, they all truly give a shit

About my mood, location, and outfit of the day

I mean how could we live without it?

It adds so much meaning in many ways!


What is privacy?

What do you mean

I shouldn’t share a picture of

My grandpa’s corps and me?


My existance

Would not be complete without the screen

But I don’t know the true distance

That’s in between of everyone and me


That shit about ”personal space”

Is old fashioned these days, my silly dear

So come up to my face

Come so close that you can see the pixels clear


What is privacy what do you mean

There should be secrets we can keep

I do not know what all this means

Just let me communicate in peace,

It’s the only way I know,

Oh please…

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So, this pots and pans add is just for the 'percussion breakdown' at 1:38. I've given a bit before and a 4 beat count in to help syncing. The 4 beats will need to be deleted. This is beat 1. Beat 2 is here and the audio stems are here.

It was actually a really windy, cloudy day when i filmed this. My camera is HORRIBLE sorry. However, I got to use my shotgun mic with blimp and 'dead wombat' (Aussie film-makers will know what I'm talking about) for the audio. Actually really surprised how well it came out. 

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Sometimes I get scared of what I can't see
But I think some of the stuff that we see everyday (on the news ect.)
is scarier than anything we could ever imagine...


I was afraid of the dark
I didn't mean to be, but it got me
Monsters lived under my bed
But you kept saying "It's all in your head"

I was afraid of the dark
When I was 4 years old, it went too far
Mama would sit by my bed
Chase away ghosts that were filling up my head

I was afraid of the dark
And all the things that could go oh so, wrong
Soon as the sun went down
All of my fears would come creeping out

So, you turned on the lights
And everything was bright
& I thought the fear was over
But soon I came to learn
Demons are everywhere...

So, I went back inside without any lights
And I felt safer than ever
Because then I could decide what's make-believe or real-life...
Mmm, then I could decide what's make-believe or real-life...

Are you afraid of the darkness?
Light shows up all of the demons
Are you afraid of the darkness?
Light shows up all of your weaknesses

Are you afraid of the dark?
I was afraid of the dark...


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I've been dreaming lately

That I'm stuck inside a glass box

Under the constellations of Grand Central 

With some kind of illness on my tongue

And the people passing by are laughing

As my fingernails tear loose from their beds

And my teeth come tumbling out, like bricks from my head

The world is watching me come to pieces 

And all they want to do is laugh, laugh, laugh

"There's the dead boy now! Watch closely, my son!"

But I'm waking up before the crowd can get my name

I never want to sleep, because I miss so much of you

Your absence, my disease, is killing off the view

Of a city that held so much of my potential

Before squandering it off like a peddler 

Numbering my numerous deaths as sequential

I'm done wishing on things that only fucking run

Numbers, stars, and love, goodnight all, I'm done

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No.36: Conceptual Self Portrait

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okay, this movie barcode took a while together, and is probably the only full episode one. still going to do sequences from the number one, too.

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by Robo_J
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If you get lost, my hand will be your atlas, if you wander too far, my voice will be your map.

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