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by despi
by despi
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An ordinary sunrise is how they awoke.

Yet the skies would soon darken;
And smoke would fill the air.

This beautiful
Would soon become,
A night filled with

Their sense of security had
Crashed that day;
Their safety soon to follow –
It had crumbled right before them then,
The spaces once there left hollow.

Terror and emptiness swept the city
And like a virus rapidly spreading –
Was all they felt. No pity.

Once was not enough it seemed,
As the second hit had blown.
Twice would get the message across,
For these beasts to become known.

The third happening, oh how easily forgotten
For not as many were lost there.
And still one life would have been -
One too much to spare.

Four! No.
No, four they would not
Stand for.

And yet –
And yet with all that anger,
All that rage,
Time has healed the wounds of many,
And yet –
And yet their healing has re-opened the wounds of many.

If you like, as many do now, say:

“In fact come closer,
please build upon your praise.”

“I am not subjective,
I do not wish to dispute your ways.”

“Here, take my right hand,
Rule over me, you may”

“Love, trust, love will heal all”

And yet –
And yet love, trust, love created the fall.
by despi
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the sudden roar of thunder,
it struck her by surprise...
and yet she should have known better,
but the lightening before it..
it was blinding.
absolutely blinding.

it was just last week that the sun -
the promising sun,
was shining down upon them.

it was just three days ago that the clouds-
those unforgiving clouds,
began to cover their light,
their innocent light.

it was just yesterday that the rain-
the painful rain,
poured over their pieces,
their left-over pieces.

it was just before that the lightening-
the desperate lightening,
blazed back a spark of hope.

it was after,
that the thunder-
the deafening thunder,
pierced through her ears.

and with that ringing sound,
her mouth was left open,
her eyes tightly shut,
it finished.

and when the silence returned,
her lips curved upwards,
her eyes carefully opened,
to see nothing more than the sun-
the promising sun.
by despi
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they say "you're a princess"
"you deserve to be treated like a queen"
but still no prince charming
and if he's here, he has yet to be seen.

but I'm not a princess,
in fact I'm far from it.

I'm illogical, over sensitive and I don't believe in sharing,
I can be mean, unforgiving and the opposite of caring.
I find that often times people annoy me, more than not.
I'm a rebel at heart and could care less if I got caught.

so if I'm not a princess
why look for a prince?
the search should not be mine
if anything it should be his.

but he's not a prince charming,
in fact he's far from it.

he's illogical, over sensitive and he doesn't believe in sharing,
he can be mean, unforgiving and the opposite of caring.
he finds that often times people annoy him, more than not.
he's a rebel at heart and could care less if he got caught.

but searching will do nothing
why do people search at all?
just let fate, be fate
and be cautious of the fall.

every prince wants his princess,
every princess wants it all
this is real life silly kids
it's not a fairytale at all.
by despi
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He broke her heart.
She cried for months.

He discovered what life without her was like.
She was already gone.

He still cries.
by despi
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central park
by despi
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