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You know, sooner or later most guys start thinking about what to say when they see their dreamgirl. Yes her, that one girl, that special one that makes the sun shine only for you, the best thing that has ever happened to this planet, the one that makes life...well, you get the point.

As I am not the guy that simply walks straight up to a woman to start a conversation, I spoted that I might have a bit of a problem there when running into my dreamgirl. I mean, I could meet her in every moment right? Tonight, tomorrow, who knows? And as strongly as I believe that if it´s meant to be, well then it simply has to be, I thought, a bit of training might be really helpful, you know, just to go sure and maybe to accelerate things a bit.
So, my goal was set.  I decided, no, I was determined to change...

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Who is Karl L.?
derb ryan Released Aug 23, 2011
by derb ryan Sep 02, 2011
by derb ryan Jan 21, 2012

Marvin Hoffman feels blue. After years of secretly having a crush on June Winters he finally had a shot at love when going out on a date with her. But destiny didn’t consider his...

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by derb ryan Jan 07, 2014