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This is my interpretation of Goldie Locks being hauled away by the boarish police, with Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear looking on.

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We all lead double lives.


Even if it's just in our heads.

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...and until our lips meet again, I will forever cherish the memory of this present...


Inspired by a daydream I just had ^_^

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My take on Goldie Locks being arrested. Take two. This time I drew it with a sharpie instead of a pencil.


I did not like how the bear's head/face came out in the first one, nor could I get any facial expressions that I liked for this one, so their faces are currently blank. Please remix!

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I used to be like you, full of laughter, but I wasted all my laughter in my youth, and now I am unlaughable.

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Video I put together of all the shows singing We Can Go Back. Starts out with Joe singing solo at first. Choir comes in the middle ;)


Audio can be found at 1051861


There was a lot of great footage :)

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This is a very rough cut of the video requested by annejumps; I still haven't been able to come across a couple of the clips:


* Another "have my babies" -type moment with a guy at that same show, to which Joe responded "You see, we can't do that because we're both dudes" (Cornell?) 

"Let's make babies!"/ "...Making babies is kind of like making art" (Richmond, via Mofosluv)

* and other funny clips/declarations of affections you might know of.


Audio needs to be equalized (some clips are too low, others too high, etc.). A cool sound track and captions would be helpful too!


Remix away!


audio scratch source

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"When did you stop caring?"

"When I decided to become my own person."

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Your song has kept me happily young all these years.


Fonts used: Trebuchet MS and SandyTextHmkBold.

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LAURA is walking towards a coffee shop.

LAURA (V.O.): It's Friday night. I should be at home curled up with some hot chocolate and watching a movie, but I promised Claire I'd go on this blind date. I don't usually go on blind dates. Or any dates, for that matter. Not since I broke up with my last boyfriend. That was a little over a year ago.



Laura walks into the coffee shop, stops in the doorway and scans the place.

LAURA (V.O.): Claire was worried I was en route to becoming a spinster. How she got me to say yes to this blind date is beyond me. That girl sure has a way with words.


PARKER is sitting at a table in the middle of the coffee shop.

PARKER (V.O.): That's the fourth girl that's walked into this place. For a Friday night, this place is pretty busy. Maybe she already came in, took a look at me and left. Oh, when I get my hands on Claire... I can't believe I let my sister talk me into coming on a blind date.

Parker takes a sip of the coffee in front of him.

PARKER (V.O.) (CONT'D): Bleh. I don't even like coffee that much.

Parker sets his coffee back down on the table and stares at it.

PARKER (V.O.) (CONT'D): I only bought it so I wouldn't look like some creep sitting alone at an empty table.


Laura is checking out each guy sitting by himself in the coffee shop. She spots a guy sitting in the far back, typing on his laptop.

LAURA (V.O.): Hmm... Guy on his laptop. He looks too engrossed on whatever is on his screen to be here waiting on a blind date.

Her gaze comes to rest on a guy sitting by the window, picking his nose.

LAURA (V.O.) CONT'D): Eww. With my uck, HE'S probably my blind date. If he is, I'm never speaking to Claire again!

Laura looks to the other side of the coffee shop. She spots a middle-aged, well dressed man reading a newspaper.

LAURA (V.O.) (CONT'D): CEO? Stock broker? Wait... That's my neighbor, Mr. Adams. Definitely not  him.


Parker is turning a red button over and over between his fingers.

PARKER (V.O.): I should probably put this thing on, otherwise I could be here all night watching girls come and go. On the other hand, that's not a bad idea.

Parker chuckles to himself as he fastens the red button on his shirt.


Laura reaches in her pocket, pulls out a red button and stares at it.

LAURA (V.O.): I wonder where Claire got this red button from. She said we'd both have one, so we could recognize each other.

Laura fastens the button onto her jacket lapel.

LAURA (V.O.) (CONT'D): Well, here goes nothing.

Laura looks up and sees Parker wearing the same button, staring at her.

LAURA (V.O.) (CONT'D): Claire's brother? Why is he wearing a but-oh! Claire set me up with her brother? He IS kinda cute, but he barely says two words to me any time we're in the same room together.


Parker stares at Laura as she is fastening her button.

PARKER (V.O.): Why is that girl just standing there? Isn't she...? She's one of Claire's best friends! AND she's got a red button! SHE'S my blind date?! This night's looking better already.

Parker stands up and walks towards Laura.

PARKER (V.O.) (CONT'D): I always find it hard to talk to her when Claire's around. Not tonight. Tonight will be different.


Laura locks eyes with Parker as he walks towards her.

LAURA (V.O.): I'm actually really glad I decided to come tonight.


Parker stops in front of Laura. Parker and Laura stare into each other's eyes for a few seconds. A smile spreads across Parker's face.


Laura smiles back.





I imagened this playing out in my head today, so I thought I'd give screenwriting a try :)

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