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We munch and munch and munch away,

What oven baked and dough once lay,

Not caring for a little bead,

That fall from our fingers to our little feet.

Crumbling and tumbling from a slice they flow

'Oh, no! Oh, no! Down we go!'

Slipping and sliding, desperate for grip

Hoping to hang onto either lip.

And soon enough we walk away

From the crime scene of yesterday

Where more of his friends had fallen too

'Where do we go?' 'Don't know,' said a few.

Slowly but surely six legs appeared

And more soon came, all packed and geared

Lifted them up above their tiny heads

'We're moving, we're moving!' in fear, they said.

They traveled far and traveled wide

On vertical paths and cracks so tight

Passed on from a six legged head to head

Wishing they stayed where they were instead

Assembled amongst the forgotten and old

The products of carelessness and occasional mould

What once was flour and sugar and yeast

Is nothing more than an insect's feast.

by danlim11 ago
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by danlim11 ago

Ferenc the Faun loved to gloat

Of how he was half man half goat

The right amount of taurus skin

And a human soul within

by danlim11 ago

Mr. Fortune had a daughter who was always quite unlucky. I guess that's why they called her Miss Fortune.

by danlim11 ago