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We munch and munch and munch away,

What oven baked and dough once lay,

Not caring for a little bead,

That fall from our fingers to our little feet.


Crumbling and tumbling from a slice they flow

'Oh, no! Oh, no! Down we go!'

Slipping and sliding, desperate for grip

Hoping to hang onto either lip.


And soon enough we walk away

From the crime scene of yesterday

Where more of his friends had fallen too

'Where do we go?' 'Don't know,' said a few.


Slowly but surely six legs appeared

And more soon came, all packed and geared

Lifted them up above their tiny heads

'We're moving, we're moving!' in fear, they said.


They traveled far and traveled wide

On vertical paths and cracks so tight

Passed on from a six legged head to head

Wishing they stayed where they were instead


Assembled amongst the forgotten and old

The products of carelessness and occasional mould

What once was flour and sugar and yeast

Is nothing more than an insect's feast.





This song was inspired by true events in my life. It's all about that joy and innocense one feels when one falls in love at first sight (or so it seems) and how it just contradicts what the non-believers say about love because we are just clouded by the very feeling and euphoria it brings. It's called Every Single Day! 

I hope to use it one day as part of a music album I'll be recording in the future but feel free to remix it and maybe even collaborate! 

Some people say...
There's no such thing as love at first sight
But girl you proved them wrong when we met for the first time
I became a believer, couldn't leave ya alone that night
But something shook the courage in me, you made me so shy

So I need to know
Do you feel it too?
I need to know
If I will, will you?

Some people say...
Seeing is believing, and believe it, when I first saw you
I knew my whole life was gonna change through and through
I soon believed it, I could see it, my dreams had come true
So I took everything I had and did what I had to do

And I know we just met, but I ain't gonna let 
Myself let you get away, not today
And baby I just can't, seem to understand
How you make me feel this way
Every single day

Some people say "You never you've got til it's gone", so before you leave
Girl let me remind you why we're meant to be
Take my hand, look my in the eye and try to deny
That what's right in front us, is nothing but a lie

I know you can't
Cos girl you feel it too
So just take my hand
Cos if will, so will you

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Ferenc the Faun loved to gloat

Of how he was half man half goat

The right amount of taurus skin

And a human soul within



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Mr. Fortune had a daughter who was always quite unlucky. I guess that's why they called her Miss Fortune. 

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