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Jenny looked up at the tall shadow on the wall. "Why do you have a shadow, but I can't see you?"

A rumble ran through the room as she heard something that sounded like a chuckle. The rumble subsided and a voice said. "Because I am the shadow."

"Oh." Jenny smiled, but then frowned as she remembered what she had heard from her friends in the past few days, "You must be the monster under my bed."

She was used to the darkness of her room at night, but it seemed to turn cold as she waited for a reply. The silence made her worry that she made him mad at her. "I'm sorry. I did not mean to hurt your feelings."

The coldness faded, but the tense feeling in the room remained. "You did not hurt my feelings. Yes, I am the monster under your bed."

"My name is Jenny. It is nice to meet you." she said with a polite curtsy,

"I know." he replied. The shadow that was cast on the wall walked over to her shadow.

As its arm touched her shadow, she could almost feel a hand land on her shoulder. She hesitated, watching the shadow kneel down in front of hers.

"You do not seem afraid." the shadow said, its voice sounding closer than it was before.

"I am not afraid. But, they warned me about you." she said calmly. "They told me to stay away and to never talk to you."

"Who did, dear?"

"My parents. And my friends." she motioned to her stuffed animals that were scattered on her bed.

"That is normal. No one thinks much of monsters that live under children's beds. They think us evil and dangerous. We really are not." the shadow moved its hand from her shoulder to her hand, taking it in its own hand. "I promise you that we are not dangerous and I will never let any harm come to you. I protect you. That's my job."

Jenny hesitated as she glanced at the white closet doors.

The shadow turned and looked at the closet, still holding Jenny's hand. "What is it?"

She lifted her finger to point at the closet. "The monster in the closet warned me about you too."

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There is a tree.


There is a tree, and you cling to it,


because –


Well... Because.




Grandmother, grandfather, the uncle who you never met,


They wait for you, above,


Concealed by dense layers of leaves.




Rays of love, life and laughter fracture the darkness that envelops you


But fingers and feet, calloused from splinters threaten to send you spiralling






down to the roots.


You draw them out with your teeth,


but they never fully heal.



There is a tree.


There is a tree, and beyond the leaves,


there is light.



You climb.

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Where you can dance like noBODY is watching. ;)

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Love is like maple syrup.

Addicting, sweet, and oh so sappy.

It sticks to you, and it won't wash off,

even thinking about it makes you happy.

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The man did not know what did await.

Or the hard to beat dragon full of hate.

He didn't find the dragon hard to locate.

He just followed his doom, right to his fate.

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Thank you, Niki and Rimfrost, for your creations!

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I'm a REbel with a cause. I hitRECord!

Thank you for the idea, laurenariel!

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