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I don’t like this place. I don’t like these people. But it seemed like the thing to do. The thing to do, to go back to normal. But what’s normal, now that you follow me around. What’s the use in normal, if it means I can’t have you around? So I’ll head to the exit and go home, if it means you’ll go home with me. I’ll be un-normal. I’ll be abnormal, if you never let go. If it means the coffee will get cold, the ice will never melt and the A/C will be switched off permanently, I will take it all... If you stay with me. If you stay on this side.

I could always read you like a book. And now I just see right through you. I keep my eyes locked on where your heart used to be. And I wonder does it still beat for me, skip time and rush fast. Then I look up at your deep chilling eyes, down to your...

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by honeysaeb Feb 24, 2013

inspired by courtneywirthit's Coffee Went Cold


He sat quietly, staring at his coffee.  Writer's block.  

He hadn't been able to write anything since she...since she had...

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by wizarddemigod... Feb 19, 2013
by CaptClare Jan 05, 2013
by RegularJOE Jan 30, 2012