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by chuisan
taken whilst watching the live Ustream. in it, I RECord myself RECording myself. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! there was a lot of smiling, clapping, and general flailyness.
by chuisan
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first try at stop motion! um, not very good, and I was really antsy to put this up, so there are some shoddy photos in there. also, my camera crapped out on me, so there's a distinct transition in the photos. but! after rewatching a jillion times, I kind of like it now :) certainly have a new respect for people who do this all the time, that's for sure.

done for the awesome tiny story by InkedCanvas.

again, sorry for the lower quality, but if anybody wants to use this, just contact me and I can get a better quality version to you to do with as you will :)

I know all the previous results have been with girl baristas, but I loooooove guy baristas :)

ETA: THIS WOULD BE SO SUPER AWESOME IF SOMEBODY DID A KICKASS READING. sarcastic and ridiculously ridiculous. come on. I know you're out there, Ms. Awesome Narrator. oh, and some music! I'm just running off now to make dinner.
by chuisan
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it still feels a little unfinished/too silent in the beginning, but this is with pixel pilgrim's "moon eyes". I thought it kind of fit, and I quite like it :) it's the second song of hers that I've used, I just adore the quality of her voice.
by chuisan
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Grass prickly soft underhead, under hair, cheek pushed in it while she watches his eyes blink open close.

"Good sky for falling," he says, rolls his head to watch her right back, eyes still blinking open close.

"Mmm," she murmurs, pushes cheek over grass, prickly buggy cool, 'til nose touches nose and she falls into darkly starlit pupils.

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to me, every tattoo I get on my body helps me to become the person I want to be, and the person that I am.
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